Food chain

Human karma is the karma of the kitchen knife

Source of all suffering of humans is forced participation in the food chain

forced because humans have Spiritual ability to make elements necessary to support the life of our bodies, but this ability is blocked by those who interrupt our Spiritual HEALTH

the only Living Ones who can still make necessary for life and growth elements out of sunlight, water, air and elements within the ground are Plants, whose Spiritual Center responsible for synthesis of elements is working – Plants are the only ones who do not eat other Living Beings, but Plants are treated as food by the animals and most humans

Plants are not food – they are our Spiritual Medicine “men and women”, who give us their bodies to sustain the life in our bodies until we remember and recover our own Spiritual Center that will make us independent so that we don’t have to eat other Living Ones’ bodies to support our own

There are people who advanced spiritually to activate our Life-supporting Center of Divine synthesis of elements out of God’s particles – these people are rare, but they are capable of living without eating other Living Ones – they are free from food chain – they are free from karma of destroying the bodies of other Living Ones

those who interrupt Human healing to be free and independent like Plants do this on purpose: to keep humans prisoners of samsara and Mara’s karma wheel – Mara is hunger and greed and lie and delusion of our senses

it is impossible to stop eating other Living Ones’ bodies by simple fasting – unless our Spiritual Center of independent synthesis of Life supporting elements is active and working it is impossible to be free from karma of food chain

but we can lessen this food chain karma by KNOWING THE TRUTH and seeing Plants as our Medicine “men and women” – their Spirit is alive and FEELS our knowing the truth and they FEEL and KNOW our gratitude for their help (isn’t this knowing the truth made someone to begin offering prayers of gratitude to God before placing the bodies of the Living Ones within our mouths to satiate hunger for missing life-supporting elements?)

Humans are also mutated with parasites, who feed on us – we are infected with the parasites the moment we come out of the mother’s womb and have to consume mother’s milk and gradually being made to eat the bodies of other Living Ones (some say that the parasites within our bodies can be called an additional organ of human body – to be free from this mutation with “the worm” is to be free from being fed on… it is possible to be mostly free from “the worm” if we clean our bodies from within and keep our bodies as clean of “the worm” as possible – this also lessens our hunger and greed for eating the bodies of other Living Ones…)

to stop “food chain” and our participation in “food chain” is to free our Soul and Spirit – to help our Soul to be free from artificially forced upon Her karma of hunger and harm…

there are nine practices of union with Tao – the ninth one is the practice of becoming FREE from food chain as we were before Spiritual de.struction of Divine Universal WHOLEness:

Ninth practice of Union with Tao

“nourishment with Primordial (embryonic) breath”

like The Child within Mother’s womb does not consume any food with the mouths not breathes with the nostrils but lives and grows and be.comes, so the practitioner of Union with Tao be.comes nourished as The Child within Mother’s womb…

fasting doesn’t help to become true to our Divine Nature, but we can support our body’s life with as little bodies of other Living Ones as possible and our mind is conscious enough to choose what we place into our bodies through our mouths:

fruits are freely given by The Plants, but the seeds must be respected as sacred

ROOTS of The Plants are sacred for the roots are the roots of Life of The Plants (for example Medicine Plant Onion is perennial and to completely cut in pieces the root of Onion is to forcefully take the Life of Onion Plant – to save The Heart of Onion Root taking only outer layers is to be aware of preserving Life of the Soul within The Onion… Garlic ROOT is capable of re.membering itself and the plant from one little clove – to preserve one clove of Garlic Root and replant it to let The Plant remain alive is to let The Soul of each Garlic Plant to remain within Its body… for people living in the city this observance of sacred Laws of God is nearly impossible – possible is to stop taking in the living roots of Onion and Garlic… but these Medicine Plants are our saviours from “the worm”… perhaps there is alternative Plant Medicine that can help us to keep “the worm” minimum if not getting rid of “the worm” altogether – doctor Hulda Clark published the discovery about zapping with electricity and her son designed zapper that can help to stop “the worm” being active and alive within our bodies… why is it so important to be free from “the worm” = to be free from being mutant of Human and “worm” DNA? because then our Human DNA can make our bodies HUMAN again… and perhaps this is what we need to re.member our Universal SELF and to finally be free and be able to stop our participation in artificially forced upon us food chain… until then Plants are our Medicine “men and women” who are giving us their bodies to help to remain alive… KNOWING The Plants as Medicine “men and women” is so important for our mind to BE AWARE of God within ALL – this awareness helps us to LOVE our Soul to make Her suffer less and less karma even though artificially forced upon Her… this awareness and practice of The Laws “live and let live” and “do not harm” helps our own Soul to be in LOVE with Our Self and The Souls of all Living Ones – this helps us to really begin to practice The Law “God is Love”…)

food is not food, but the bodies of The Living Souls and Spirits

take only what is given freely

live and let live

do not harm

God is Love


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