Black Walnut and Mind of A Desease

Black Walnut extract is beneficial to heal many viruses and bacterias
i found out about its benefits and how to make it at home from book by MD Hulda Clark
yesterday i began healing with Black Walnut extract i made
curious but there is a conscious MIND of A DESEASE present in me that FELT nauseous as i drunk black walnut medicine – it is to be taken 3 tames daily and on the second time the conscious MIND of A DESEASE was silent – isn’t it curious how bacterias and viruses that feed on our bodies have COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUS MIND 🙂
according to research Black Walnut Tree has no harmful bacterias, viruses, worms or insects and other parasites not only near it, but 30 meters radius around EACH TREE!
here is Russian article about Black Walnut – what it cures and how to take it – the best i’ve seen so far…
Dr Clark Store sells Black Walnut extract or you can easily make one at home by placing green walnuts (many wild walnut trees in LA and California) into big glass jar, pour 50% grain alcohol to cover them and then cover with plastic and the lid and keep in alcohol for 3 days, then pour the extract into same bottles and take as directed (i use Everclear grain alcohol which is 75.5% – only to add water, so it is 50%)



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