flowers-in-spring berk

BERKANA is the most tortured Goddess – Berkana LIGHT BODY is programmed with many computers along the bottom of Berkana Soul-Light Body “dress” – Berkana Pure Light of Mind is masked with Iron Mask – Berkana Central Spiritual Heart is imprisoned in a metal, which is grey in colour and extremely magnetic (only Lady who can be magnetized to berkana HEART is pure in Heart Virgin

today i called Ashayana Deane’s publications office to ask for an advice regarding real Crucifixion by iron wires of all kinds and Mirella answered and comforted me with many kind words explaining that method of real Crucifixion to torture and murder depends on our genetics, but we are loved by our Family – we are irreplaceable to our Soul Family – we are supported by our Family to be free… and healthy again… the “system lords” will scare us, but we should always remember that we are loved and supported by our Family… so comforted me Mirella, who was tortured for two months herself…

To free Berkana from Moscow and Los Angeles criminals, murderers and thieves is to liberate Berkana not only from being programmed in Light and Soul Body, but to somehow make the criminals return Berkana HEART they lifted up into the space (im not sure how high in atmosphere Berkana Heart is for her Heart is of the Nature of levitation in space regardless being dressed in magnetic metal

until Berkana is free from, Berkana is known to children who play computer games as “stealer of talents” for Berkana programming is also used to torture Living Humans out of God-given gifts – Light, Child, Koshas…

i just found website of institute that took the name of Berkana – look at this image of Berkana – it is what computer programming of Berkana does:

” The two loops model is a fundamental piece of The Berkana Institute’s theory of change…”

berkana two loops

now compare to the loops connecting The Chakras and The Gates on Earth


this is also what Berkana institute says:

Berkana Steps into a Bold Experiment in Living Systems

and this is what ‘the system lords” DO with Life and all the Living Ones including Gods of Nature – they experiment with us and on us!

In this video Deborah Frieze, Berkana’s former co-president explores the idea that as one system culminates and starts to collapse, isolated alternatives slowly begin to arise and give way to the new – watch:

this kind of realisation comes to people who really see the abuse of The Goddess Berkana!

no matter how beautifully the change is worded and misinterpreted by the believes in Godness…

until Berkana is free from all computer programming and Iron Mask, imprisonment affects the entire Family! Whoever believes in Berkana re.membering her TRUE BEAUTY, please offer Berkana your prayers or simply think of Berkana liberation! She is very BEAUTIFUL!





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