Jehovian death seals

…Sound of Silence is what Central Spiritual Suns create with

“…This was knowledge that belonged to the guardians of the planet. The human angelics are these guardians. We were denied this info since Atlantis when a few people (Inna Maria always mentions especially Mahendra Zaveri (India) – holographic controller of all since Atlantis “downfall of humanity” by murder – his Mars greetings by “havana gila”=hidden needles meaning of which a person can learn only by experience in his/her Heart when we remove this “gila”) came in and took what didn’t belong to them (all including machines and equipment). The whole planet lost its memory. The science of the shields- the planet has a scalar template and every being on the planet has a scalar template that is connected to the planets templates. These templates circulate primal life force currents. They circulate the energy of god through the templates. The templates on the Earth are dependent on the Earth’s template. The damage to the Earth’s template erased our memory.
There were things done here to block the planetary scalar shields.They were twisted in ways that are abnormal.” (they are still twisted in the abnormal ways – to liberate from these abnormally twisted currents is to untwist and deprogram each Human body from abnormally twisted REAL IRON WIRE controlled by metal boxes with programs of destruction of Living Body – each iron wire is connected to its box – if box opens, its murderous program is completed – only upon completing murder of Living heart and Human doeth the control box opens to release cutting of its wires)

“Northern star” death seal made out of 4×6″ metallic plates upon unnaturally twisted metal wire that passed through my body 2 days ago…

Emerald Guardians

good example of of unnatural iron wire twists in Human head

what is called Phoenix, is an image of Heart Bon (where ATOMA lives) split by metallic plates – here on the drawing these plates are little, but usual size is 1″x2″ and 2″x4″ – much larger than the Divinity Living within

Original Tree of death seals with all its branches

(Ancient of Summers – Golden and White Calves – Ptah and Marduke can tell why they cannot be known to many as alive… too many “employes” of non-human “system lords” nowadays)

another metallic plates combination of cutting knives of death seals

(this passed through my body one couple of days ago)

now imagine all the cross-and-domino-and star-shaped knives pictured as circles here upon the wires ( unnaturally twisted spinning through your heart and body slicing and pulling and ripping apart with fast rotating TRIPLE CROSS (head, heart, belly)

this passed through my body too… every day… so many times that i wonder if it is possible to stop this death seals except if it completes the job of each code=to murder and free by death (unless “system lords” on the controlling ships (4) are “kind enough today” (as she says about her-non-human-self in Russian) to push the buttons to really stop genocide of Living Humans)

mill stones for hats remembered by friends of slaughtered giants of Eastern Island


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