Slaughter of The LIVING Innocents MUST STOP!!!

<Камень ><О>< ьнемаК>
1. a robot with a two-legged human or animal or bug appearance.
synonyms: robot, automaton, cyborg, droid, bot
2. an open-source mobile operating system (OS) based on the Linux KERNEL that is currently owned and developed by Google. With a user interface based on direct manipulation, Android is designed primarily for touchscreen mobile devices (wikipedia)
“Black Turtle” of Wu Bu (=totalitarian control) is the android – the main mobile open-source unit that is based on copy(=RFID) of Wu’s KERNEL (seed, grain, core with husk of Living Consciousness))
“Black Turtle” android in a shape of two-legged can directly activate and manipulate all other androids be they in the form of two-leggeds, animals, bugs, or phones and computers.
thus “Black Turtle” android operates the android Wu Bu of “Azure Dragon” that are wires shaped as uncoiling and coiling snake skeletons with multiple open-source androids(=RFIDs) attached to control or/and destroy all Living Children, Gods, Humans, and even Living animals…
SLAUGHTER OF THE INNOCENTS revealed itself in The Living Consciousness as the purification done by and in the name of Living Children and Living God… however it is terrifying when “Black Turtle” is manipulating “slaughter of the innocents” – for this android doesn’t care whether he murders Living Children or his own android kind (RFIDs within MADE looking human children and adults)
Once The Great Judgement machine of God determines the differences and reveals its JOB as slaughter of androids for the sake of The Living Baptized Child of the FatherMother to be alive and free, king Herod’s example can be seen as him serving God… isn’t it TRUE that God can be terrifying? and yet – God always returns what God takes
for The Children to prove that they are alive is easy – difficult to stop the androids who are afraid to die…
<Jehovah Sapphire WILL> (&*&) <Diamond AERos ovo Heavenly Mother>
Cyrannus is the Galaxie where sapphire and diamond mill one upon another reflected through Milky way dogs
Monastery in Birch Forest…
when Soul of Berkana is made to hide within her Trees
and Monad is made to be The MonasteREA
while <rock> upon <rock>
is without fruit
limbs without seed
high on its crown
loaded with leaves
but just the same it bears
it has beautiful branches
it is finely covered
touching the sky
BERKANA is the limb
greenest with leaves
Loki brought the luck of deceit
BERKANA is a leafy limb
and a little tree
and a youthful wood
silver fir

(painting of Monastery within Birch tree forest by Great Princess Olga Alexandrovna
(bronze tortoise and snake – Wudang Shan XuanWu in Beijing Capital Museum)
Sapphire < > Diamond android Clptr is still at work sub.servant to “Black Turtle” Wu Bu of android MaRu>t<





white house


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