AmoghaSiddhi – The Union of First and its aspiration

“The data of and axioms for a monad can be expressed graphically as string diagrams” ~ by “Monad in nLab”

linear computer program : where main “setting” is : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : string CHAIN of astamgama (Siddham, “setting” is also known as “visagra” – it is not an accident that visagra is also the name of a holder and linear string of holders – see pix)

Amoghasiddhi seed syllable is Ah – union of two opposites – the first and the last (sound A and its aspiration=echo)

in the computer “language” AmoghaSiddhi is a code of अः (A upon linear string of visagras) – this is THE KEY to the whole “iron age” computer programs :

अ and : and अः are the 3 programs which are the foundation of enslavement of Central Spiritual Sun and Suns within the artificial time machine that is operated by the computer (i’ve seen many Spiritual Suns=Monads with all their Children-Monads only in the Living Light – totally or partially disconnected from physical bodies of Gods and Humans)

all computer codes can and are imitating LIFE and LIVING while karmic criminals are attempting to undress the healthy ones and dress their Souls who are forbidden from being in any of Gods and Humans bodies due to too many Spiritual crimes

repeating the mistake will only add to the karmic responsibility of the insane two-leggeds who support forbidden from having the body Souls (for example The Soul of Snake King and Snake Queen are forbidden to have the body, especially the Human Body!!!

AmoghaSiddhi – the fearless One of The North!

as siddhammas so other qualities that can be expressed in whatever kind of symbols of The Monad and Individual Monads are used to keep our Light Bodies separate from Physical Bodies – forbidding all Living Ones to be immortal as we are

to overcome by fearlessness all computer codes and imprisoning our bodies metal operated by the main computer on ship of Xristos as well as game-center computer (Agartha) as well as several computers operated by Zeta Reticuli located at the same place as THE mechanical clock (Point Dume, Malibu, underground)

to GREYS and their androids we and our Spiritual qualities are just “data” of “the main unit on the ground”

AmoghaSiddhi of The North is associated with colour green – it isn’t an accident!

Orion glyph program enslaving Immortal bodies of Living light (the original program of turning Living Ones into faceless soldiers) is seen as GREEN glyphs upon the backs of Living Light Humans (they are transparent and alive just like we who are made of water and its organs – from organs of the cells to organs of our whole body)

it is good to repeat fearlessness act of Buddha – to show our hand from the heart out sending LOVE – wise Child said that mind-control can only be stopped by LOVE


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