Reversed discrimination of The Middle Earth

BATTLE FOR MIDDLE EARTH between two negroes and all else
Cepheus and Cassiopeia are beautiful CHILDREN – murdered by negroes

Ethiopian “queen” revealed herself yesterday as a hybrid of negro Mut-VouDoun magician who installed her soul into The Soul of The Golden Divine Mother to accuse her of murder and all the crimes negro murderers (man and wife) did via forbidden technology… yet karma machine of judgement is a machine – impossible to fool… Golden Lady Soul is free from possession by negro magicians!
Cepheus and Cassiopeia and Andromeda are beautiful children – pure – Cassiopea never hated mer people, but was always imprisoned and murdered by negro woman Mrs. Sings…
reversed discrimination is very ancient – it began when 2 Negros Black Mut and VouDoun magicians – woman and man, – imprisoned entire Middle Earth by psychic possession main weapons of which was creation of The Android – Black Turtle (black brains installed into the skull of emptied from his own brain man, who is known as Darth Seth-the devil-Petrov-Gladky Viatcheslav=Moscow, 13th gate of Hell former keeper) having finished using this android, Mrs. Sing (the negro woman- Mut-VouDoun magician introduced herself by to me personally when she just began her terrible job of murder and imprisonment of children) erased Petrov-Gladky V.- the android with BLACK TURTLE=brain ( Black Turtle=android brain and its creator Wu Bu (“totalitarian control” – negro VouDoun Mut magician Mrs.Sings) are the enemies of Xuan Wu – this mistake must be corrected – Black Turtle is NOT an animal of Xuan Wu, but a symbol of black android brain used by Wu Bu against Xuan Wu and Wu Qi (北方玄武 (Běifāng Xuánwǔ, lit. “Dark Warrior of the North”)… So joyous “Black Turtle” is discovered and KNOWN and its two-legged android (Petrov-Gladky Viatcheslav) is removed with all who worked for him from the Living Consciousness Veil… after this revelation, Wu Bu = negro Mrs.Sings was reflected on my heart’s Living Conscious veil as taking cigarette butt and extinguishing it into my bleeding Heart… Wu Bu negro Mut-VouDoun Mrs. Sings and her negro husband (whom i’ve seen in radar-protected neighborhood near Point Dume, Malibu using and possessing local blond woman) are the two negroes responsible for reversed discrimination for they are people, though their sons are seen in the Living Consciousness in their true appearance – negro gorillas – apes… and mrs. Sings call herself mother of Barack Obama – The President of US! Imagine what Wu Bu (totalitarian control) poor Barack Obama goes through (“mother” + her android “Black Turtle” + his Yao + Alexandr Palienko (computer programmer of bodies for either healing or destruction – his owner was seen as snake-woman Mara-Makara (one of her “horcruxes”) – and Alexandr Palienko is the merciless Mephistopheles with all his army – slave and servant of the negro couple, who are “almost the top” of “food chain” in our reality of cannibalism and vampirism…

reversed discrimination is very ancient and has roots in original destruction and imprisonment of The Soul of Middle Earth (Middle Earth is The Central SpiritSoul – White Lady of The Milky Way – bride of MahaAvatar Babaji – companion of The Son of Sun (Saturn known as PhaAEton)…

reversed discrimination of Milky Way Soul Star, where 2 negroes and their sons (black gorillas=the primates) are the slave-keepers of all by using their terrible Mut and VouDoun magics and technology they stole (both, forbidden to use and that which is beneficial but is misused by them to accuse their Genius-inventors like Marduk or God-Father or Mama Chicken (Freya-Vesta-IO) in doing Spiritual crimes and harm as the owners of the technology and special machines…

yesternight Clptr and “queen” Clptr have been annihilated, but so did Freya-Io-Vesta Heart-mind imprisoned as the mover of artificial time machine – Ancient of Days helps Io to be alive now… i pray that Cepheus Cassiopeia Shiva Uma children are safe in the state of murdered bodies (negro Mrs. Sings murdered their bodies with “Chinese Iron Jacket” – so many rotating and shape-shifting wires that it is impossible to remain alive in body being sliced by them) One of the children was left in the metal wire bag = “Iron shirt”… i did leave the child disconnected from my heart – being connected by the thread of Life for i was afraid that with me the Child will be tortured even worse…

reversed discrimination is very ancient and it is Galactic – not just local issue, though all being on THE LAST LIVING EARTH THERE IS – our Earth is the last possible place for LIFE to BE! please help all who can, so that Star-Children are alive and free from being imprisoned by two negroes!

TWO negroes (husband and wife) are immortal criminals who are unafraid to be seen and even introduce themselves to those they are going to murder… very ancient crime – its been millions of years since all Caucasian, Yellow, Red, Blue, Green, Rainbow, and Black-Lighters are prisoners of two negroes as their kind is above all (upon Middle Earth) throwing all others on the bottom of the ocean…
reversed discrimination is very ancient – time to stop two negroes and all their sons = gorillas from murdering, mutilating, imprisoning, torturing, and possessing all other Living Humans and Gods – especially we all need to GUARD White Lady – The Soul of The Middle Earth – Bride of MahaAvatar Babaji, Cepheus, Cassiopeia, Andromeda, Shiva and Uma Lalitha CHILDREN!


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