Karma Lords : ING INGWAZ INGLЪ : Wu Qi Wu Bu

Karma Lords do not judge – they let the Truth to be seen and the deed to be known and then it is the deed done that shows itself in the memory consciousness of those who did the deed AZ they are seen as the doers of the deed… Karma Lords do not judge – they let The Truth to be seen
(i was just shown how Karma Lord doeth on the example of two people’s deed as their deed was seen and known from the outcome they’ve be.came in Living Consciousness)
Karma Lords do not judge – they enfold you and let The Truth of the deed and those who doeth the deed to be seen
do not judge so that the mind brain is free from karma and heart brain is free to do


and they are man and his rib: Seth and Kleopatra and they sliced their mind-brain in 3 thrones to do the deed of murdering Living God and on the map of Agartha net.work program (above) their thrones are seen L L

and in the Living consciousness their images are seen as double images: Kleopatra mind-brain is seen as both:


Kleopatra’s two 1/2 mind-brain (no longer exists in Living Consciousness Veil) only THE DEED remains until Living Consciousness and all our Family bodies art healed from THE DEED

 and as a punishment Kleopatra mind-brain was already removed from Living Consciousness – only reflection of the deed and doers upon the thrones remained until revealed as essence of the deed (see map of Agartha above to see The DEED)
Wu Qi Ancient of DAEIS Cepheus Cassiopeia Andromeda vs Ethiopian “queen” WuBu
for Antient of DAEIS HEART to be Wu Bu (totally pierced and controlled by the wires of artificial time relay) into wire baleened “whale” only be.cause Central Spiritual Monad is FatherMother to so many children connected to ONE HEART…
Yin-Yang is artificial tool of totalitarian control of “the system lords”ING INGWAZ INGLЪ

Великий Бог Инглъ,
Хранитель Священной Инглии!
Сла­вен и Триславен буди!
святи и согрей Души и Сердца наши,
Капища и жилища наши,
не оставляй без пригляда Роды наши,
ныне и присно и от Круга до Круга!
Тако бысть, тако еси, тако буди!


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