Isis and ISIS

When you look at these original Goddess teachings through your shaman eyes, you find yourself separating fact from fiction in your life and in your world view and you connect with the wisdom of your soul.

There is something profoundly freeing, satisfying and energizing in connecting your shaman vision with the Goddess consciousness within you. ~ Lynn Andrews


Isis with a throne upon her head – the throne is without any one sitting upon it

co-incident or not? name ISIS is used as the name of The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria: “…The surprising appeal of ISIS
It’s murderous, intolerant, and dangerous. But the group offers Sunnis something rare in the Middle East: a chance to feel like a citizen…”…/l9YwC0GVPQ3i4eB…/story.html

the surprising appeal of ISIS is not surprising to me for in the Living Earth’s Consciousness Goddess ISIS is replaced with English-speaking CLONE of Kleopatra about 2 years ago – and the group ISIS DOTH EXACTLY as Kleopatra’s English-speaking clone DOTH – violence and murder: “…alarmed observers have pointed to the extreme tactics that drew condemnation even from Al Qaeda: mass executions, beheadings, and crucifixions…” until politicians BELIEVE that all visible events are the imprint left by what is DONE upon The Veil of Living Consciousness of One Soul (including the deeds against Isis and most of Egyptian Gods – done by Seth, Serket, Weha-Selk – non-human gods… even Anubis had taken off black dog’s “head” and recovered his Human mind-brain, but BUGS mind-brains are more difficult to re.member into Human mind-brain – bugs do as bugs are – feed and sting with poison to feed and imprison)


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