INGWAZ – ING – one of the three sons of Mannus and the legendary ancestor of the Ingaevones (yet rune Ingwaz is a rune of separation, gestation, storing of energy)
wire coiled on to “perpetuUM mobile” of relay of artificial atomic time unfolds off Living Heart BONs of Living GODS leaving Ingwaz <> holding The BON of The Heart!
great revelation of the meaning of Ingwaz as the rune of separation, gestation, and storing of energy (within artificial time-machine of atomic clocks… of Wu Bu… and this time relay is THE BASIS of original checker-board “death seals” mutation – just an hour ago or so the memory consciousness revealed HOW one murderer invented time relay as a murder weapon… and he and all who are omni-present in Living Heart’s consciousness now KNOW who the author is and who is “the ideal-is-T”)
and yet Ingwaz is not just rune – Ingwaz is ING – one of the 3 Sons of Mannus!
Rossi (Children of The Dew) name ING INGLЪ – Guardian of Primordial Flame of Life
Guardian of our Heavenly Race Veduns and Vedunyas (Ant.Slavik, men and women who VEDA) and the flowers of scarlet and bright red are always planted around sacred place of INGLЪ (‘kapi.s.che)
Guardian of Sacred Flame of hOMe and of HEART-hOMe
Guardian of Sacred Flames of OVEN – of White and Golden Calves (Ptah and Marduke) and of Heavenly Cow Freya-HaThor-Savitri and of Heavenly Bull Hapi-Ankh Gugalanna
Prayer of Prav to INGLЪ:
Великий Бог Инглъ,
Хранитель Священной Инглии!
Сла­вен и Триславен буди!
святи и согрей Души и Сердца наши,
Капища и жилища наши,
не оставляй без пригляда Роды наши,
ныне и присно и от Круга до Круга!
Тако бысть, тако еси, тако буди!



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