Lyra stargate and 13th gate of hell on Middle Earth (Moscow, RF)

much confusion is in the MIND-brains due to multitude of false prophets that brain-wash with many promises of success from multiplying dimentions instead of minimizing dimentions to connect ONEness within our Human Body

especially dangerous and most ancient places of “downfall of Humanity” are Orion (the original) and Lyra (“The Eagle” union with “Heavenly Cow” – WU QI)

there is much mis.interpretation about stargates from the HOpeful ones that all is done for The GOOD

it is and yet it isn’t

balance of our 8th Chakra (if opened) is between Living Spiritual Heart within us and WU (according to diagram of Mantak Chia that shows balance of Pa Qua, 5 organs of Human Body (splin, lungs, liver, heart, navel Tan Tien) with 5 elements and 3 brains (Heart, Head and Gut), with 28 constellations which are corresponding to 28 Immortal Soul Stars of 1st Quadrant of which Milky Way and Cyrannus are the members, with Polar (North) Star and 7 Stars of Large Chariot reunited with their lost half – 7 Stars of Pleiades (HEALTHY, there is no Large nor Small Chariots – they are ONE constellation of The Chariot(eer)- The Bear (MedVed’, Ant.Slavik – Vedun-VedunYa who VEDA honey) The Chariot and Charioteer are ONE and the same The Father and The Son connected through The Mother

Believing Lyra 12th stargate that transfers from 3rd dimention (Trinity) to 4th and 5th dimentions (4 quaters and Sun Disk of The Flint) is to understand that splitting Trinity into 4, 5 and more (6, 8, 10, 12, 24, 28, … 100… 1000, etc.) is de.structive instead of HEALING…

Bashar mentions that 13th gate of Hell (Moscow, RF) opens when all other gates and chakras are HEALTHY

Lyra – 12th Stargate corresponding to 12th Gate on Earth in conflict with 13th gate on Earth

Master Mantak Chia shows that Perfect balance is in blue-red Yin-Yang (our Living Heart in union with 8th Chakra and its 8 petals (8 Elements of Paqua)) is balancing Big Bang and 3 El.ements of Trinity to be connected and balanced with WU through all chakras and fires and organs within our physical body – balance between Living Human Heart within Spiritual Heart center (8th Chakra) is to balance Pa Qua with 5 organs and El.Ements of body + 3 of Trinity (so-called 3rd dimention): 8 (Navel Tan Tien) and 8 (Heart’s Tan Tien) – 8+8=16=7 plus WU – The eighth ONE On High: 8+8+8=24=6 (The Star of Hagalaz – the Son of Ansuz and Freeja – the Snowflake H2O of unconditional love balancing all around Hagalaz Center – around Star of Hagalaz, whose work is to heal from his own duality (2nd dimention) into onenness (1st dimention=one and only demention=REALITY without any divisions=WholeSomaNess)

24 are duality of 12 (constellations divided into Human and Anima(l) Nature that must heal into 12 again – Spirit and Its Anima reunited instead of Spirit being “higher Zodiak” that suppresses “lower Zodiak”)

Mantak Chia mentions 28 constelations – these in my experience co-incide with 14+14=28 (14 is the division of Ptah Shekmet Nefertum as known from hystorical evidence in Memphis – MOUTHS of RED NILE)

14 can also refer to Jehova (Sapphire Throne of The Father) Sirius A and Anima eternally 8-ing as white dwarf Sirius B (disgracefully named Dog Star because Anima of The Mother is now aligned with black Dogon tribe that fled Egypt long ago – their symbol of Galaxie is the same as the symbol of central death seal within Agartha (8 Agartha + 8 Sirius AB=16=7 plus One of WU = 8 of active Spiritual Heart connected physically through our Heart united with 8th Chakra)

When our Spiritual Heart in our PHYSICAL BODY is active and acts as The Central Brain (as Master Mantak Chia calls the three “brains” ๐Ÿ™‚ …) then we can heal our GUT Brain to the root of Lotus Heart that is connected to The Spiritual Heart of WU – a Dew drop upon our Lotus bud…

then, we can practice Water Buffalo and Turtle breathing to support The Root and The Bud and our pinneal connected with The Dew Drop above our Head – central Mantaka within our PHYSICAL BODY established and free from Iron Shirt torture device is the beginning of HEALING of Lyra stargate, which is The Eagle and The Lyra of Heavenly Cow HEART…

the battle between 13th gate of hell (Moscow, RF) and 12th Stargate balance with Spiritual heart HEALED for Mantaka – The Spear of Destiny is physical body battle as opposed to mind’s and imagination’s and belief’s work within 3rd brain=HEAD

to have our HEAD brain be the helper of HEART’s and GUT’s brains is to HEAL our Soul, Soul Star, our Bodies, our Koshas, our constellations and galaxies from unnatural per.version into ever-spinning black holes.

Master Mantak Chia’s iron Shirt Qi Gong is the practice in HEALING 12th Stargate of Lyra from 3rd dimention into ONE dimention instead of splitting Trinity further into multiplicity

please see this note and compare:

please see Bashar’s video to remind where Earth’s Chakras and gates are at, which ones are dual and which ones are wholesom

Bashar in his video says: “when all the chakras and gates are healthy, 13th gate opens” (i interpret it as being released from Hell of all Living Humans, Animals, Plants, Minerals, EARTH HERSELF and all Star Humans and Gods including Father and Mother)

only after 13th gate of hell frees us all from its IRON ROCK and WIRE (Petro WouBu), only then WU as in Xuan Wu and Wu Wei can beGen to HEAL us and Wu’s Anima

Wu Qi

i believe we can experience FREEDOM from all controls of Petro WouBu=Iron rock of total NOfreedom for there are great practitioners as Master Mantak Chia, who are already holding Spear of Destiny (Mantaka) aligned to/within physical bodies

there are many false prophets who work only on the minds of people, but true friend comes and explains REAL physical ONENNESS of all … ๐Ÿ™‚

i wonder on co-relation between other Earth’s Gates to Star Gates (if 12th Gate of Lyra co-relates to 13th Gate on Earth, the co-relation of Star gates and Earth gates is not literal nor linear… i believe that Attila Eagle is in co-relation with Lyra Star gate – it is as if “” tri-angle among 13th Earthgate Moscow – 12th Stargate Lyra – Attila)

the confusion of multiplicity created by Ethiopian “queen” WouBu is such that the MIND-brain must be silent and Heart-brain with Gut-brain let be WILL and Center of all initiation of any and all DEEDS and AKT.ions

Fusion of five elements is available as instructional video @ UniversalTao.TV website

you will need to create free 5-day guest account to view this video:




THIS DIAGRAM SHOWS EARTH CHAKRA VORTIXES AS TWO SNAKES THAT FACE OPPOSITE DIRECTIONS – NOW IMAGINE HOW AGARTHA DEATH SEAL OF IRON DOMINO IN 8-ETERNITY CONNECTS THROUGH THESE TO 8-ETERNITY OF SIRIUS AB… the healing of Middle Earth is so difficult in this push-pull… it is corresponding to Middle Earth’s Child (and all of ours) HEART(s) thorn in two between two eternity LOCKS (Agartha and Sirius AB)


agartha inner earth

Agartha death seals map


Earth Chakras and Gates




2 thoughts on “Lyra stargate and 13th gate of hell on Middle Earth (Moscow, RF)

  1. ”Lyra stargate and 13th gate of hell on Middle Earth (Moscow, RF)”

    Hmm, i see this 13 gate in other place, no in Moscow…

    ”Bashar mentions that 13th gate of Hell (Moscow, RF) opens when all other gates and chakras are HEALTHY”

    Bashar? He represents ZETA Greys:(



    what/who is WOUBU???


    • Thank you Livia Ether Flow!
      Perhaps expression 13th gate of hell is not corresponding to the true fact of numbering. The fact of the corruption of (or around) “the Moscow” gate is however true – for the longest time now Moscow is a center of violence corruption and “long hands” (latest example is a war in Ukraine and take over of Crimea, which is a continuation of ancient conflict within Slavic Collective that began with Yuri “long hands”- not ordinary consciousness – corrupted consciousness that was able to establish a hellish city – to make it a capital and maintain it right where the stargate is – interesting fact is that word Moscow means “dirty water”)
      Woubu stands for Ethiopian Queen – second “partner” to Cepheus (this account i can only retell in mythic form as it was revealed to my mind) – a “second wife” (what became a common occurrence in the stories of corruption of masculine “part” of oneness) To my mind Ethiopian Queen is known for splitting stars into binary stars and creation of androids – her appearance with Cepheus is linked to 50/50 reversal of Cassiopea – Ethiopian Queen is a very special mix of white and black – relationship of Cepheus Cassiopeia Andromeda and Ethiopian Queen WAS definitely a conflict within our Galaxy – from visions i had, Cassiopea was reinstated along with Andromeda – both enthroned together with Cepheus – Ethiopian Queen begging forgiveness for all her misdoings
      my mind has learned a lot in regards to viewing/experiencing the conflicts – we must be beyond them all together – in oneness – in Love – i have witnessed how seemingly black aspects in consciousness turned white and healthy casting away the darkness – loving them even as they were afflicted with distorting blackness until healed… it is all US – ALLONE (.) It is curious that yesterday i found your blog reading about CDT plates and the speakers stopping at the blog “Emerald Covenant vs Luciferian Covenant” – didn’t read it yet… ๐Ÿ™‚ What i know though is that The Source VOICED: “Lucifer Beloved let’s go HOME”… Much Love in the Ocean of Oneness!

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