Dandelion of Norn and Dew inter

time can be stopped, but not Norn
Mariah Allaq Wu can be terrifying but not as terrible as Norn
Immovable Race of Xrist is immovable but not as immovable as Norn
when Norn weaves to LAW and inter in.vest
1 000 000 for 144 000
Nature of white and gold spheres of Savitri as she swars scarlet and red



dan.d.el.ion is the most mysterious flower and wine of Norn…

Tell me what loves to be inter?

The seed
~Ancient Eastern enigma

…Lily of Heavens Scarlet. best to live near The Flower On High for Flowers of Gaeia art the only living touch amid 
in Living consciousness of Flowers’ pollen bury themselves Living xristalls of prana – verily, within the Flowers On High dews onto The Earth ~El Moria 

how much dew can lily of the valley hold though small
how much Spiritual and physical pain can fragrance of the lily of the valley releave in The Heart – did you know?

El Moria: if Earth is left without flowers the Earth is left half-life only…

me: how innocent and unconditionally loving our Earth is! why should Earth pay for he who drinks Unicorn’s blood?



did you see the two little ones holding hands?

so the smallest is the most pious of flowers



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