PTAH MN NeFeR Sekhmet Apis Amen Atone Hathor


Ptah — the first god, who was not created, but simply is — Ptah brought all things into being just by speaking their names. Builders, architects, sculptors and artists … In the triad of Memphis, Pth is the spouse of Sekhmet and the father of Nefertum. Pth is also regarded as the father of the sage Imhotep. The Greeks know Pth as Hephaestus

MOUND OF PTH is one of the most terrifying MOUNDS

Name inhieroglyphs
H A40
Major cult center Memphis
Symbol the djed pillar, the bull
Consort Sekhmet and Bastet
Parents none (self-created)or Ra (in some accounts)
Offspring NefertemMaahes

at the mouth of the Nile delta Ankh-Tawy (“Life of the Two Lands”) – the city between Upper and Lower Egypt also named Inbu-Hedj (“the white walls”) also named Djed-Sut (“everlasting places”) also named Men-nefer (“enduring and beautiful”), which became Menfe in Coptic and Memphis in Ellin… also named Hut-ka-Ptah (“Enclosure of the ka of Ptah”), which he approximated in Greek as Aί γυ πτoς (Ai-gy-ptos), from which derives the Latin AEGYPTVS and the modern English name of Egypt. The term Copt is also believed to be etymologically derived from this name.

In the Bible, Memphis is called Moph or Noph.





Western gate (artist’s rexonstruction) – 14 plates with 14 Sphinxes – 2+2+2+2 sensei – 3 gates(sensei) – 14+14 oriels – 4 WEHA-SELK

The Rider on the chariot with 2 wheels and with The Swan

Jt of Pth (PososhoK, Ant Slavik) is the most terrifying sensei


by Master AlmineImage

by Master Almine

Temples of Ptah Sekhmet and their Son Nefertem Hathor Apis Amen Aton (9 he who atones for Amen)

Saqqara = Sa K Kha Ra (Siddham) and is twin flame of TaRa (Sa K Kha Ra Ta Ra) and Sa is siddha of Truth of AvaLokiTeSwaRa:

AvaLokiTeSwara Aktion of Heavenly Gate (Ptah sensei) of Ra (&*&) Essence of Ra = “Sun and Its Luminance” (Sri RamaKrishna)

and the western wall reconstructed by an artist shows that Sole Amen-Ptah as White Calf Apis also has its “BabyLone” of white walls as Golden Calf MarDuke-NebuChedNeZzar has “BabyLone” of gold walls…

“…According to Manetho, the first royal palace was founded by Hor-Aha, the successor of Narmer, the founder of the 1st dynasty. He built a fortress in Memphis of white walls…

The Greek historian Strabo visited the site with the conquering Roman troops, following the victory against Cleopatra at Actium. He details that the temple consisted of two chambers, one for the bull and the other for his mother, and all was built near the temple of Ptah. At the temple, Apis … oracle, his movements being interpreted as prophecies. His breath … believed to cure disease, and his presence to bless those around with virility. He was given a window in the temple through which he could be seen, and on certain holidays was led through the streets of the city, bedecked with jewellery and flowers.

In 1941, the archaeologist Ahmed Badawy discovered the first remains in Memphis which depicted the god Apis. The site, located within the grounds of the great temple of Ptah, was revealed to be a mortuary chamber designed exclusively for the embalming of the sacred bull.

nfr f
O24 niwt
Memphis (mn nfr)
in hieroglyphs,_Egypt

there is also “death seals” programmed into the Living Human HEARTS of The Mother and The Father of all that make them “war” against each other as all the Children are murdered in bodies and destroyed to Spirit AER within BLOOD of FatherMother of all…
these death seals are metal WEHA-SELK: Mother’s Heart with all the Children is programmed to be alive holding within metal WEHA central BONs as The Father’s Heart is programed to be Living Central Heart BONs upon metal Selk (=tiny wire that slices living flesh of all)

i will call this program of death seals Serket as it is Serket who is “mother” and protectress of all Weha-Selk (=Scorpion Kings) who poison themselves by stinging their own head with the last BON of their tails that is shaped as AUM (in one of the visions i saw that Scorpion King takes away the body of “flesh”…)
to live through HEALING from death seals of MAKOSH (Human BODY unfolding to tiny Conscious Living Thread of all the Children between Heart BON of Mother and Father of all) is the most painful and terrifying experience… Is it why PTAH is always known only in the form of a mummy upon the MOUND?






seed syllable tam

seed syllable om



BEAUTIFUL KNIFE CRAFT… perfect example of black Mut-VouDoun-Serket-Weha-Selk-Grey Koshchei magic ALL-in-ONE – enlightened black magician must’ve crafted this knife…

there is a good cause why Heavenly Race – Ancients of DAEIS – Human Ancestors SAY that all Living Humans are destroyed and murdered (means 1000 crows, Eng.) by NON-HUMANS

there is a very good cause-of-reasonInG WHY all computer viruses are called “bugs”




these are Egyptian “gods” that destroy Living Humans and harm all Life and Living and all Creation – scorpion, scorpion spiders is the level of intelligence of all “death seals” – they are BUGS – be they death seals of Jehovah, Makosh, Vesta, Ptah, Sole Amen Ta Ra or AvaLokiTeSwara Berkana Allaq YahWeh Ansuz Freja Swan NebuChedNeZzar-Marduke Uruswati Urus Uma Shiva Khandaria MahaDeva Lalita Swan SatUrn-PhaAton or all i have not named now…

Serket-Female Scorpion spider = BUG “intelligence” in body of female human two-legged

Weha-Selk-Male Scorpion-spider = BUG “intelligence” in body of male human two-legged

The Scorpion Macehead, Ashmolean Museum.




Full size image of Tailed Spider, Scorpion-tailed Spider (<i>Arachnura higginsi</i>)

seed syllable hum

AKṣobhya is the blue Buddha who sits in the eastern quarter. The name Akṣobhya means immovable or imperturbable. His mudra is the bhūmisparśa or earth touching mudra. His emblem is the vajra, which sits balanced in his left hand; he is the head of the Vajra family.

The Akṣobhyavyūha Sūtra describes his pureland Abhirati which translates as “delightful”. Getting into Abhirati requires assiduous practice, unlike Amitabha’s pureland which merely requires faith in Amitabha’s vow to save all beings.



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