22 June is very dangerous date to begin any war fare…


this misle HARMED EARTH’s BREATHING BODY – ATMO.SPHERE… ever wondered why atmo.sphere is called atmo.sphere? there is SansKrit word ATMA – ATMA is ESSENCE BREATH SOUL…
yesterday i found NASA site that describes layers of ATMA SPHERE OF EARTH:

atomic & thermonuclear warfare against Earth’s ATMAsphere in reversed order:

touching space is ExoSphere – the highest layer of the ATMAsphere… extremely thin air. Air atoms and molecules are constantly escaping to space… hydrogen and helium are the prime components and are only present at extremely low densities (H+ helium are results of hydrogene fission (thermonuclear reaction)… This is the area where many satellites orbit the Earth.

The ThermoSphere (literally “heat sphere”) … Within the thermosphere temperatures rise continually to well beyond 1000 degrees C…
(this is where atomic fusion and hydrogen fission occur) …
Although the measured temperature is very hot, the THERMOsphere would actually feel very cold to us because the total energy of only a few air molecules residing there would not be enough to transfer any appreciable heat to our skin.
The lower part of the THERMOsphere… contains the ionosphere. Beyond the IONosphere… is the EXOsphere or outer thermosphere, which gradually merges into space.Temperature increases with height.
The International Space Station orbits in this layer… (interesting isn’t it? satellites are orbiting in EXO sphere and space stations orbit in THERMO sphere…)


MESOsphere is ,,, above the STRATOsphere and below the THERMOsphere… Temperatures in the mesosphere drop with increasing altitude to about -100 degrees Celsius (C). The mesosphere is the coldest of the atmospheric layers. In fact it is colder then Antarctica’s lowest recorded temperature. It is cold enough to freeze water vapor into ice clouds. You can see these clouds if sunlight hits them after sunset. They are called Noctilucent Clouds… (H2O FIRST FREEZES in MESOsphere, then passing through MESO PAUSE H2O of ATMA SPHERE OF EARTH enters into nuclear reactor of THERMO SPHERE, where ATMA is H+ fissed & Uranus & Pluto fused as Noctilucent Clouds dissolve into H+ and Helium of EXOsphere that then EXODUS into space… 70% or more of space is H+ …)
The MESOsphere is also the layer in which a lot of METEORS burn up while entering the Earth’s atmosphere.

The STRATOsphere (remember LisiSTRATA – greek tragedy?) contains the ozone layer, the part of the Earth’s atmosphere which contains relatively high concentrations of ozone. The stratosphere defines a layer in which temperatures rises with increasing altitude. This rise in temperature is caused by the absorption of ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the Sun by the ozone layer….
the stratosphere lacks the air turbulence… is almost completely free of clouds or other forms of weather…


TROPOsphere (antropo-…) …extends from Earth’s surface up to 7 km (23,000 ft) at the poles, and about 17-18 km (56,000 ft) at the equator.
The troposphere is bounded above by the tropopause, a boundary marked by stable temperatures… The troposphere is denser than the layers of the atmosphere above it (because of the weight compressing it), and it contains up to 75% of the mass of the atmosphere… It is primarily composed of nitrogen (78%) and oxygen (21%) with only small concentrations of other trace gases. Nearly all atmospheric water vapor or moisture is found in the troposphere. The troposphere is the layer where most of the world’s weather takes place…”
we remember that now “the scientists” control weather with nano-robots that are independent!!!
WHY H2O is becoming H+ & HELIUM at the EXO(DUS) SPHERE?
what i see is: ATMO SPHERE OF THE EARTH WAS MADE INTO NUCLEAR REACTOR… and all the missiles and satellites and space stations and bombs and rockets that are SHOT into ATMA SPHERE of THE CHILD of EARTH KOSHAS (SPIRITUAL BODIES OF ATMA) is nuclear warfare against Earth and all LIFE within upon and without EARTH & HER ATMA SPHERE…
to be stupid or to be snobby to share every action of war fare against Earth and all Life and Living is the sign of insanity of those who do this warfare… “global suicide” committers… i like this Osho’s statement of what is done by people against LIFE and LIVING EARTH that unconditionally accepts all who live… The Child cannot defend against technology of nuclear warfare and other technologically inflicted wounds and damages…


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