defence against black Mut magic – Isis and Serket

“the war against serpents was waged on two levels – they had to be made harmless not only on the earth but in heavenly realms too”

“…Mut precinct female figurines fit well with the Egyptian notion of destroying evil forces through the modeling, colouring, and ritual destruction of clay vessels and figurines… that many of the fragmentary female figurines from Mut precinct were also a type of execration figure “aimed at destruction of evil forces lurking beyond the borders of cosmos” should be seriously considered…” (p.112, Female Figurines from Mut Precinct, content and ritual function)

sin pw n 3st pr hr httt nt srkt
clay of Isis that cometh out under the armpit of Serket


also “destruction of red clay vessels”

“Execration texts” themselves do not describe the rite ending in destruction; they merely report the names of the evil forces to be destroyed when the rite is enacted


Isis is harmed by Serqet – her sweat is her blood and Soul Light AER – her clay is her burned by the fires of Seth and poison of Serqet body… (i SAW this personally – not only psychically, – as the CHILD Isis ran to me to hide from Serqet who made her BLACK by pain and toothless by torturing her TEETH – pearls of The Sun)

Kali Yuga made people “infinitum nihil-ing”=infinitely denying that evil and black magic of VouDoun and Mut are very real and extremely harmful to all people and life – atheism is a des.ease… thinking black magic only in movies – is a des.ease of mind… i found a book that describes Isis and Serket WAR (the author understood it as help of Serket to Isis, but his ignorance comes from seeing artifacts and reading translation without ever experiencing the battle personally…


“…to heal, Isis works with Serket…”

i’ve seen Xristos as a judge in the name of The Father – as a judge Xristos is blindfolded, holding the scales and scorpio – the judge is back to back with himself… with his back to all… this is why people say that justice is blind… “…Serqet /ˈsɜrˌkɛt/, also known as Selket, Serket or Selcis /ˈsɛlsɨs/, is the goddess of healing poisonous stings and bites in Egyptian mythology, originally the deification of the scorpion.[2]

“…Scorpion stings lead to paralysis and Serket’s name describes this, as it means (she who) tightens the throat, however, Serket’s name also can be read as meaning (she who) causes the throat to breathe, and so, as well as being seen as stinging the unrighteous, Serket was seen as one who could cure scorpion stings and the effects of other poisons such as snake bites…

…The most dangerous species of scorpion resides in North Africa, and its sting may kill, so Serket was considered a highly important goddess, and was sometimes considered by pharaohs to be their patron. Her close association with the early kings implies that she was their protector, two being referred to as the scorpion kings…”


Serket is the protectress of all scorpion kings, who are the same as Illuminati perverted use of Great Architect

Scorpion King – Weha (Selk) – weha (anc.Slavik) selk=silk thread of silk worm’s cocoon that must be undone from being weaved around all children to imprison them in the machine (metal wire cocoons made by “iron spider” weaving computer program)



imprisoned in metal boxes or having been copied into GREYS (RFIDs in silicon glass) ancient abuse of Allaq Lilla Mariah powers in the machine, has metal cocoon that unfolds into metal thread along with living one… and the children are imprisoned in metal weaved “cocoons”=bags… to free all metal thread must be undone from being weaved “cocoons” into a single thread without WEHA (marking posts and flags of metal) …please use google translate to know ancient meaning of name WEHA

ВЕХА или веха ж. значковый шест, жердь, поставленная стойком, иногда со значком, с флагом, веником, голиком, снопом, пучком соломы и пр. В море она ставится на отмелях, ино по обе стороны прохода (фарватера); на сухом пути: для цели, для указания расстояния при метании бомб, для проложения землемерами прямых линий, для обозначения зимних дорог в степных местах и по льду. | Шуточн. рослый, долговязый человек, жердяй, оглобля. | Растение веха, см. вяха, веха. Вешить дорогу, ставить по дороге вехи; вешить черту, линию, ставить вехи со значками для землемерных съемок. Вешение ср. длит. вешка об. действ. по глаг. Вехарь м. работник, ставящий вехи при межевании. Веховласик (к чему такие ученые сочинения)? растение Apera spica venti; пух, костра, метлика, метлица. ВЕХА ж. вёх м. растение Cicuta virosa, семейства зонтичных, крикун, вяха (вяха также Conium), омег, водяная бешеница, омежник (ошибч. омерник), мутник, гориголова, кошачья петрушка, собачий дягиль, свиная вошь. Мышья веха, растен. Ruscus aculeatus. Малый вех, растен. Оenanthe Phellandrium, гирча, пустырник, раздулка, пустосел, галах, водяное кропило. Ваха, шест, см. веха.

ВЕХОТЬ, вихоть, вехотка ж. вехоть ж.; перм. вехоток м. новг. твер. вехотха ж. судомойка, пучочек соломы, сенца, всего чаще мочала, щипаная мочалка для мытья посуды, полов; стирок. Где посудная вехотка? | ветошь, утирка, тряпичка; | стелька в лаптях, подстилка. Без вихоти ногу потрешь. У него вехотка во рту, картав. Вехотка везде след покидает, оправдание судомойки. Вехотный, относящийся до вехоти. Вехотить, тереть вехоткой, мыть. Bихтeвать южн. сглаживать мокрой тряпицей стену, смазанную глиной, очишать и гладить мазанку, турлук.

ВЕЧАТЬ пск. кричать; не от этого ли: вече, вечевой? см. вече.

because black VouDoun and Mut magicians (two main GREYS) and their daughter-wife Kleopatra-Mara-Makara-Black widow spider-GREY Parvati-artificial Eve-Sabaoth power of archons of Darth Seth’s GREY Yaltabaoth & Yao ARE INCAPABLE OF POSSESSING AND IMPRISONING LIFE AND THE LIVING THEY USE TECHNOLOGY AND COMPUTER PROGRAMS-VIRUSES – MAIN DAMAGING PROGRAM IS RFID MICROCHIP KNOWN AS “SPIDER” – i don’t know how to stop this damaging all LIFE virus within microchip..



“global suicide” as Osho called it or “Kali Yuga” as Hindu call it including all the horrors humanity, animals, plants, Earths and Suns and galaxies experience have very simple cause: SEXUAL PLEASURES of one bored immortal and his former lover – black woman MUT & VouDoun magician, whose husband was murdered in order for her new lover (Slavik Immortal Petrov-The Rock-Darth Seth) to use the phallus of her murdered husband… this is proven by research on MUT black magic, used to heal organs by taking them from others and VouDoun (aka voodoo) black magic that uses dolls…
Elizabeth A. Waraksa wrote a research: “Female Figurines from the Mut Precinct: Context and Ritual Function”
examining only 3 pages out of her work, i understood how Humans, animals and plants are used by these 2-3 magicians that enslave all as their ritual dolls they make and brake as if clay vessels… these few magicians enslaved Ansuz, who can make Human and animal bodies for The Souls of his FAMILY, but made bodies are used not to be The House of The Soul as Ansuz does – black Mut and VouDoun 2-3 magicians use made by Ansuz bodies as the clay vessels (including goddess Isis, who to them just a clay vessel to be used and then broken to heal ONE black woman-immortal, one black man-immortal, one spiritual criminal snake-woman (Mara-Kleopatra-Makara-Parvati-Serket) one male spiritual criminal Zvr666 and his daughter and granddaughter, and one former Slavic immortal, who began it all by exchanging his white phallus for black of the murdered man to experience new sexual pleasures because he was BORED!!!
here are quotes from the book (page 112-113) that describe how Mut black magic works through braking the vessels and dolls to heal:
“…Mut Precinct female figurines fit well with the Egyptian notion of destroying evil forces through the modeling, colouring, and ritual destruction of clay vessels and figurines… that many of the fragmentary female figurines from Mut precinct were also a type of execration figure “aimed at destruction of evil forces lurking beyond the borders of cosmos” should be seriously considered…” (p.112)
“Execration texts” themselves do not describe the rite ending in destruction; they merely report the names of the evil forces to be destroyed when the rite is enacted”

THE EVIL FORCES FOR BLACK MUT WOMAN MAGICIAN ARE ALL WHO ARE WHITE-LIGHTERS, RAINBOW-LIGHTERS, GREEN-LIGHTERS, GOLD-LIGHTERS, RED-LIGHTERS, BLUE-LIGHTERS for she is the creature of DARKNESS – bottom of Creation – and all who are from beyond The Cosmos (from beyond the Ocean that is known to be imprisoned into the ring by The Snake (aka Shesha, Hindu or Ouroborus or other names)) – all who are from beyond The Cosmos – from BEYOND the boarder=the snake are the evil forces to these few black magicians including and especially – Central Spiritual Sun – Central Spiritual HEART – God – Vedun(&*&)VedunYa

the evil is interpreted by each according to our experiences
Mut black magic is practiced by black magicians of Sub Equatorial Africa – it is known to be real… VouDoun (aka voodoo) magicians are even more widespread all over The Earth… but to find THE ROOT of BOTH in a book about BOTH magics practiced in Egypt to MURDER Isis and Pharaohs and Queens and Children… to show by example why Jews were slaves who were made to MAKE stone pyramids… they (the slaves, the clones, the silicon RFIDs=two-legged dolls, the probes MADE) are used because they are made DOLLS to be used, but what is less known that The Living Ones are also imprisoned to be used as if we are their made dolls for magic use… and the number of dolls for Mut and VouDoun black magic on Earth is more than 90%… and The Living Ones are not many…
even if 90% are made to serve 2-3 black magicians for ONE CAUSE – black Immortal Woman resurrecting her murdered husband and taking back his phallus from Darth Seth-Petrov-The Rock, these made two-leggeds are also alive and animals are alive and plants – even though made, they fear torture and death as all LIVING… but black magicians who are immortals don’t care – to them made dolls are made dolls that can be re-made… and the sexual conflict between black woman and black magician and his minor wives (snake-women and made probes) is the cause of what Osho called “global suicide”… it is very difficult for many to understand immortals, who lived for milliards of Summers (aka years)… who are used to “their life-style”… of USING ALL LIVING and LIFE as their Mut and VouDoun dolls – “vessels of red clay” to be destroyed… “dolls made to be broken” for magic defense against “evil” from beyond the cosmos… and this “evil” is GOD… because God and God’s LAW of LOVE punish murderers and slave-makers…
i HOpe that what i wrote is understood by my friends… i can only hope because to experience is to understand but to read experiences of others is to doubt and compare…
anyway, what Osho called “global suicide” is caused by sexual conflict between minor wife and new black wife who got tired of her white lover with black phallus of her murdered husband… and the maker of black cannibals has conflict with all who refuse to participate in “PlayBoy” and “porno-video industry” and meat-eating… and torture and murder of Cows and Chickens for VouDoun magic use…
and minor wife Kleopatra-Mara-Makara-Grey Parvati-Serket-Sabaoth KEEPS STOLEN SHIPS & EQUIPMENT of The Heavenly Race for so many Summers (aka years)… and as Serket she is the murderer of Isis and Orion as if they are her “clay dolls” or “”clay vessels”… and when i found this book “Female Figurines from MUT Precinct”, and when collective INTELLIGENCE became aware that all probes and clones and silicon RFID two-leggeds can be destroyed any time as any made property, perhaps they will stop serving their makers…
in Living consciousness of our Family these black magicians are erased and our Conscious Living Veil of One Soul (Berkana and AvaLokiTeSwara) are healing from their presence slowly… what is important to stop “global suicide” is for people to BELIEVE that black magic and doll-makers are still possessing more than 90% of personal MINDS… to LOVE one’s SOUL is to let The SOUL speak and for mind to be silent – to be the servant of The SOUL – let your SOUL be the Master of your mind to help prevent “global suicide”…


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