SWAR BHA NU – RA HU (&*&) his will source VI PRA CHITTA

Vi pra chitta – king of Dai t ya – His name means ‘to abandon’ or ‘void,’ hence blackness or having no body…

out come of VI PRA CHITTA   WILL   is   SWAR BHA NU – swara that changes DAEI LIFE into NU existance of separation, quarrels, war within MAANA of Brrrrr AH MA making 4 out of 1 WHOLE LIVING MAANA


the mind child

“…Rahu and Ketu. The dimension of complexity is compounded at the very level of appearance of their entities itself – the imagery of both these planets is a mix of human physique and the Naga or serpent form…

The subterranean creature, the serpent has almost always held a negative, vile and fearsome image in the mind. If explorations stop in their tracks due to fear, the real shall remain unknown…”



look @ the rotations RA HU &*& KE TU create and re.create in Solar system (and our bodies!!!):

this triple rotation is an enemy of all who LOVE LIFE – Naga people MUST give up possessing the mind of MAANA and ALL HUE MAN

(length of AA & A = SPACE & UNBORN, Siddham)


MAANA – SPACE OF MANA = MAANA OF MANA = SPACE OF LIVING HUE MAN SENSEI be we in male or female or god’s or elf’s or giant’s or angel’s or archangel’s or cherub’s or seraph’s or power’s BODY (5 Koshas and/or 7-15 Koshas depending on who we are)

Ra Hu also relates to RaM (limited Fire, Siddham)




position of this lid resembles how bodies of the Gods and Immortals are tortured upon METAL scalar-standing wave PLATES by one of the most stupid, angry, fearful, etc… Naga people (2 Ra Hu incarnated in human bodies (both born on April 10th) and their Naga females… Even SaTaNa, who is considered the worse RaM iron sarcophagus to be placed into to be tortured is light education for those who deserved to be placed into it… 


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