Mother and Child … Cashew … Kali (&*&) Lady of Angels … 8,170 miles … “the snake is long…”

Kali-Kala Temple in Kalinjar Fort is very ancient and is built to show the sufferings of Mother and Father and Children…
Kali is black not because she is black skin colour – Kali is black from Spirit and Soul and Heart and Mind PAIN Kali Ma had suffered and is suffering even now…
there is a joke about Kali Ma that She wanted to be white, but someone told Her that She is naturally black and better stop wanting to “wear” white… it was a joke of a very cruel man… Kali Ma is BEAUTIFUL when She is in Her White Light of Central Spiritual HEART…
very curious is the distance (8,170) numerology between the places related to Divine Mother – City of The Lady of Angels,L.A. and Kalinjar Fort, Kali-Kala Temple, Uttar Pradesh: it is 8,8 = 16, = 7, (7 is unstable odd number with a separation by comma (kamma)) missing 1 is Heart of One Life – connection to Central Spiritual Sun … symbology of comma is always a seed of cashew nut – the child fallen from within The Womb of The Mother yet attached – in Siddham short form of all Ali (vowels of Mater) is always a comma of various shape… Cashew is Sacred Apple of Divine Mother with The Child please remember next time you buy to eat cashews…



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