electric wars … Avatar of synthesis “death seals” … earth fire wind wood iron … Æsir

electric wars…
the most terrible “death seals” are placed on AVATAR OF SYNTHESIS – KUTHUMI – MASTER OF SHAMBHALA, who is uniting BUDDHA & XRISTOS (WESAK)
these seals are nuclear warfare via thermonuclear fission, death rays via holograms, “Pleiadian scissors” that cut heart into “trinity”, Az wire “chains” of Sole Amen ShiVa, and peter-the rock “death seal” that turns Humans into Light separating Human body into 3 parts – flesh, light and air
by these “death seals” earth, fire, wood, wind, iron elements are used against Masters and Immortals and Gods and other Humans (especially Venusian Family) via AVATAR OF SYNTHESIS “death seals” because KutHumi is one of few Masters connecting 8TH CHAKRA OF SPIRITUAL HEART within Human body (&*&) CENTRAL SPIRITUAL SUN
there is great series of video lessons about 8th chakra as HEALER of ARCHETYPES on youtube by Caroline Myss – once all archetypes are healed many people will be able to seek to be connected to 8th chakra within themselves – it opens=activates after opening=activation of Crown chakra
Wu Xing mentions five elements differently, but water connects all life and is inseparable from aer (wind) of Æsir (is it why water on this diagram is colour grey?) perhaps just a co-incident 🙂
Æsir = plural of Az


One thought on “electric wars … Avatar of synthesis “death seals” … earth fire wind wood iron … Æsir

  1. p.s. just to imagine that these “death seals” as well as “Jehovian death seals”(aka Zebeedee=gift of Jehovah) are too part of original Egyptian checker-board mutation that Humans’ HEARTS are tortured by scalar-standing waves is made of metal squares that are made of many little metal squares… this checker board is now owned by Russians (Moscow) since winning WWII when they stole many things from Shambhala discovered for Germans to HEAL ANCIENT NORSE-ARIMEN FAMILY

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