VishvaMitra is considered the author of Gayatri Mantra (aka Savitri ManaTara)
inThe West Mitra is known as Slayer of The Cow/Bull…

from SSRF i’ve learned that GAYATRI MANTRA CREATES TOO MUCH FIRE so it is not used for protection by SSRF, who use “Aum Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya” & “Aum Namah Shivaya” (we exchanged emails for some time re: protection from…)

VishvaMitra is also known as “Mitra”=friend of The Earth AND a murderer of Savitri (aka Arundhati – companion of Vashishta) and Her 100 children…

Being Mantara of FIRE (BOTH, burning and purifying, -Yagya of Gayatri can either depending on WHO taught you to chant)
Gayatri Manatara is both – destroying daemons by FIRE of Bidzhas AND purifying AND!!! may end in destruction of those who are purified from deamons – like Savitri, Vashishta and 100 Children were destroyed by Gayatri Yagya performed by Vishva Mitra, who did not succeed in purification from daemons by FIRE, but burned all by FIRE…
last Bidzhas of Gayatri(Savitri) Mantra are “Nah (Na Ha) PraChoDayat” – Nah=Nama within limits (all-known pronunciation in Gayatri Mantra (i changed “Nah” to my own – Na Ha, where Na=Nama saved by Ha=Jizo Bosatsu=saviour of all murdered Children between Shakyamuni passing and arrival of Maitreya – WE also made a UNION for us- The Children to be saved better – we chant Fudo Muyoo Fudo Muyoo Fudo Muyoo Ha-Ha-Ha Ha-Ha-Ha Ha-Ha-Ha!!! – like laughter: and Fudo Myoo is Akala VidyaRaja… 🙂

FINAL WORD of GAYATRI (as known to most) is Prachodayat=a request from God (=what it is we request from God with our Heart)

usually people chant Gayatri and all Mantras starting with sound OM instead of AUM – changing thus uncreated AUM to Child’s incomplete OM… and so people chant Gayatri 300 times creating FIRE of purification, but most chant words rounding THE REQUEST to incomplete Child’s FLOOD – OM (Ali O = FLOOD and Ali anta M means limit- famous “boat with a dot above O” that is always persistently introduced to all INSTEAD of AUM)… pronunciation of AUM is also very special: A in the above U in the belly and M on the touching each other lips vibrating them for a short while… (same with another HEART sound ONG – it must be heard by you who utters it WITHIN The heart only – not in the mouths)…

Triventi Sangam site, which now changed name to cyber-dhuni, used to have very detailed and correct translation of all Bidzhas of Gayatri ManTara… but not only that – they added ONE LINE after word Prachodayat
Paro Rajase Sawad AUM = request to be enlightened by AUM the only uncreated teacher who can help ALL… then beginning re.petition with AUM again… this way AUM is addressed and AUM is requested to purify by AUM FIRE from all daemons and then to teach to heal by AUM FIRE…
this makes Gayatri ManaTara TRUE guardian & purifier avoiding mistake of simply burning off and purifying from daemons… this way AUM FIRES are saviours instead of being deastroyers…
im connected to the Soul of VishvaMitra and today he came to show himSelf again… in consciousness and Soul… Vishvamitra is tormented Soul within “the system” mind because of Gayatri Mantra that can be used to destroy by FIRE as well as to purify and heal…
destruction (murder) of Arundhati Savitri and Her 100 Children together with Vashishta MUST BE a mistake made in either composing or passing on Gayatri Savitri ManaTara… or used to destroy by FIRE making the mistake in passing the words and bidzhas of Gayatri on purpose…
i really recommend all who use Gayatri chanting change OM to AUM and to add a line Paro RajaSe Sawad AUM….. AUM……………AUM

“May we light the sacred fire that burns out the ego
and enables us to pass from fearful fragmentation to fearless fullness in the changeless whole.” ~Katha Upanishad!dhuni/c1bpr!teachings/c12ce


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