Enter The Iron Dragon and Ping-Pong games of The Gods and Immortals

Bruce Lee faced one of 4 (Four) Dark Warriors clad in black iron armor

4 (Four) Black metal armor clad warriors just revealed themselves to me from inside faceless armor as black iron armor opened upper LID at the center:


Xuan Wu


Golden Zaar (Yellow Emperor)

which one of 4 (Four) faceless Dark Warriors Bruce Lee faced and “played” mirrors with?

i thought he might’ve been Xuan Wu, but now im not so sure – only The Warrior within faceless black iron armor KNEW who he was and why he – one of four, – played with Bruce Lee… and Bruce Lee – the only Soul to whom Dark Warrior WILL reveal who he is

(stills from film “Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story”)







film still from The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (Jet Li)


Ping-Pong is a very Spiritual game

Bruce Lee playing “ping-pong” with matches and plastic ball:


once White Tara-AvaLokiTeSwara showed me “ping-pong” She can play – plastic ball She sends with Her racket, – never touches the racket of other player, but returns to Her as boomerang… this is a great Lesson White Tara-AvaLokiTeSwara taught me in Spiritual vision…

if real video made shows Bruce Lee playing “ping-pong” with matches thrown at him he lights by a strip attached to the tip of his nunchakus, why reject an idea that Bruce lee can equally “ping-pong” a plastic ball?




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