Mara and Black God and how they HATE me toooooooo much!

In the ” Santii Vedi Peruna” it is predicted that many people will die from metal and fire because The Earth belongs to Black God and Mara… and in the book of Veles it is said that “sins will multiply and The Elders will have no respect of youth, and children will not listen to The father, and brothers will kill brothers, enjoying bathing in the sexual perversities and terrible sins, and all Tribes will mix, and the corpses (of the saints) will be worshipped instead of Living Gods and God Father and Mother of all will be rejected”… and fallen will be The Faith of The Ancestors and war will be without end… but Vedas promise that in Sacred Summer 7521 from Creation of Peace in Star Temple there will be beginning of Day of God (translator as all believed it was about to happen in December of 2012, but he erred as the rest – 2012 was beginning and end of Day of God because Mara and Black God don’t want to give natural cycle BE – they are “too used to their life-style” as Mara told me…)
and they curse Allah and Xristos and Ancient of days with words like “fuck off my life”, “shit”, “fucken shit”. “chicken shit disorders”, and so on and so on – in both, Russian and English as they murder Gods and yet cannot murder fast enough, so they grow irritated and angry and they curse and they murder with fire and metal even now… 2014… Summer… the end of Day of God shortened by about million Summers of Love and Light and Joy and healing of Creation – mara and Black God made the beginning of new Day of God – murder of God and repetition of Cosmic Night when nuclear war is more loved than celebration of Life – when people are wanted to become animals and hunters of human flesh – when people are wanted to be murderers – when people are wanted to be androids marching as nazies over dead bodies of defensless children… “The book of Veles” is either miscalculating length of ancients’ Summers that Mara and Black God will rule over the Creation OR the time is predicted right, but Mara and Black God refuse to give up their stewart-ship over what they have created – a mis.take Mara is afraid of herself… But Edda has a prediction that waters of Life will flow upon The Earth and will purify her from all the……. what is now….. and Waters of Life came – many beautiful Children brought them within their HEARTS, but look what Mara and Black God do – they feed vampires and cannibals of Mount Meru!!!!!!!
Waters of Life came within our hearts “…and (we) cleanse The Earth from the filth .”
“…righteous people will be warned and saved by our gods and Vedic Faith of our Ancestors will be reborn. But for the people dark and with skin of the colour of darkness will be the end of Light, and for the people of Light will be the end of darkness and all shall come to pass within one circle of Life (144 modern years)… so i calculate: 2012 +144=2152… can we survive another 142 years of being murdered, raped, molested, insulted and circled around desires for nuclear warfare and artificial insemination games of Mara and Black God??? even one each day is HELL… we children cried so many tears that all the waters of Life that were in our hearts turned black by Mara’s mind… and their hunters are RFIDed cannibals and vampires feeding on our Souls, Light, Blood and bodies wanting to deceive and pretend to be Dae Gods – to hide behind our names, but be the same… “lust for greater and greater power” is unlimited by unlimited degrees of insanity of the murderers and torturers who squash my brain in their minds desiring me to “SHUT UP you… fuck off my life” !!! but im not shutting up – i was waiting for LIFE long Cosmic Night!!! im tired of traveling the snake that “is long – several miles” and metal teths of hunters chew my flesh and Soul and tear me to pieces because mara is HATING ME PERSONALLY SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO… “fucken much” somebody adds (psychically)…


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