Ghouls of Mara-Kleopatra & Darth Seth-GREY Koschei and Zvr-Beast666 INSIST we die in body and “return to the Sun”

Thomas, did you see my status about degrees and seconds of “Big Bang” related to measurements of time of heavenly Race? “

can we ever HEAL the angle of Sole Amen “art-official sun-dial clocks clocks clocks clicks clicks clicks” to 0 degrees and 0 “seconds”?
Heavenly Race clocks were the fastest counting clocks: Year means God=Год and Godina=Година is ONE HOUR – our current 365 “day” year was ONE HOUR of Heavenly Race time measure… the fastest measure of artificially created time on the clocks of Heavenly Race was sig(i) – 1 second of current measure of time is 302096358 sigov or about 30 oscillations of Cs Atom…
Sigge Siffer Sigurðr Sigfriðr, Sigfrøðr SigFreed SigFried or SigHurt is the name that was just given to me psychically as the ORIGEN of of “” …
Sigg means “victory” and Frithu means “protection, peace”
(or is it 2 companions in one? Sig and Freethu (Freja, Freya, Frig?)…
Loki was the foreigner who was the only one capable to get into “key hole” of Virgin Freya’s VolksVaGen “Hall” …because “gods asked him” ??? … :D)))
Curse of RhineGold RING from Nebelung are very much passed to those who didn’t listen and even now destroy HEALING we’ve done until they’ve attacked – they will be cursed and we, who worked – we who oppose in WILL even with our LIVES are free from false responsibility the original Ghoul of a woman Mara-Kleopatra is/was trying to place on our Souls again… to keep our Siggs and Heart Bons imprisoned instead of hers, her maker’s, her husband’s and her “employees”

here is a table of Heavenly Race “Sutki” which translates to English as 24 hours, but isn’t equal to present measurements of time… question is: is it worth while to AGREE with “the system lords” to return to The Central Spiritual Sun OR to WILL the healing of Humanity through stopping of artificial time machine – of course it sounds “quantum” to HEAL the original (according to Heavenly Race kalendar) split of Sig(=Sieg.fried=SigFRIED in myths) which=30 oscillations of Cs Atom (while the fastest known to science is listed as 10/32 seconds and degrees from Center of The Spiritual Sun?) is it worthy of Humans and Elves and Heavenly Race to give in to demand of Mara Marut Koshchei and other RFIDed GREYS to go back to The Sun or to insist on our WILL of LOVE and HEALING from being “down-fallen” by our ATOMA Sig.fried (=Sigg CERNed)??? please see that this table shows 3 different symbols corresponding to 3 Families known as 3 families in the original Vimana who fell (aka “arrived”) to Midgard (Middle Earth) being IN THE MACHINE (artificial “time-traveling” time-making machine that God used for Cosmic Night and rest of Creation, but Greys use for artificial keep-sake of stolen equipment, artificial repetition of original genocide of Humanity and artificial re-creation of Cosmic Night???) all of these are terrible Spiritual crimes, but Greys don’t even bother – they are so sure they will avoid punishment for making us “return to The Sun”!1435&ithint=file%2c.pdf&app=WordPdf&authkey=!AEqBT3G3d4Hew34

someone helps me live now and write what i wrote to you – someone helps me live – many of our 3 families help me live… perhaps because we WILL together until… whatever of two… if many help each other, perhaps Earth will be free from GREY slavery of”the system lords” – they are only few, but so many RFID’s they MADE into what appears human – these humanoids believe and feel alive and human (about 50% pleiadian RFIDs and clones + 49% of jews who are all checker-board RFIDed (im not sure if there is only 1 or 2 percent of Living Humans on Earth – the rest are toy-soldiers of “the system lords” being one bad girl Mara-Kleopatra – the original RESPONSIBLE for “Big bang” and wrong decision she made to heal it with “Event Horizon” and yet another mistake she made – creation of duality – of black-white duality from which is nearly impossible to heal because she also managed to be so afraid that she mixed all up to “cover up” that Creation became grey chaos of insanity within God’s Alla-Alliya-MIND-Nabu – son of Ansuz, who is The Mind while son of Ansuz Joe Dae (Buldr) is The Heart… and Ansuz, being LIFE itself, – is still abused by Mara-Kleopatra (Soul=Ghoul full of so much fear to be responsible for all her crimes…)

i don’t know how to help her Soul-Ghoul – so many times i pleaded that she will begin to heal instead of controlling and repeating past mistakes together with her husband (Darth) Seth-Grey Koschei… can anyone HELP Ghoul-Soul to be free from fear and lust?

“the system” mind that executes our “return to The Central Spiritual Sun” via being murdered is woman’s mind des.eased with SYPHILIS (4th stage of Syphilis) – her mind is just mind without body – this mind does what Mhndr Zvr-Beast666 WANTS – this mind is connected to many (too many) minds including left-over possession of Xuan Wu (Black Turtle) and Xristos (Azure Dragon with ALL THE SOULS within his “ocean” – i know this because i was asked to connect to Azure “Dragon” to help to purify from “system soldiers” of Moscow with all their extermination, controls and games of/with Living Humans) there are SO MANY BEAUTIFUL SOULS WITHIN “AZURE DRAGON” OF XRISTOS – ALL ARE KEPT FROM BEING IN HUMAN BODIES AGAINST THEIR WILL…


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