Original Sin – Marvel!!!

Original Sin (#2 out of 8)
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original sin
curious how marvel is reflecting Spiritual War within LIFE who is Ansuz and Freja, whose consciousness and Alla and Aliya and Lelya and all the Children of Life are VIEWed to ED.(from ed.U.cat.e) viewERs of comic.se(n)s to film Living Gods to total DE(for Deutsch)struct.ion by all the ED.eating tOOls(ls for lies & lays(outs)) by ambient OCCLUSION “weAPP.ons” and weapons… (if you look closely to examine the face of Nazi with left eye patch and a gun, you see comiX portrait of who is called “The Man Himself”- an Immortal USED by Grey Mhndr Zvr-Beast666 and his librarian Darth Seth-Grey Koschei-wolf in lamb’s skin-The Worm eating all Creation and all Gods-Grey Adam-Eve-Yao (these two greys use snake-women and snake-children to EAT “The Man Himself” via all 8(eight) HEADS original sin (de.sire to harm) was MADE into…
( scroll down to “Original Sin” @ http://marvel.com/ )
The Man Himself is used with all the Living Light Humans – Children of Living Light Mother and Father ever since downfall of Polar Star Living Light Lady (done by the machine of Mhndr Zvr-Beast666 originally AND now he tries to re-possess repeating his original crime instead of stopping his librarian-murderer and made-by-him daughter-Ghoul-Mara-Parvati-Makara-Snake woman-Cleo(pa)tra (btw. Cleo-patra means “daughter of her father”…) Marvel that Cleo is listed by Marvel as “possible” affiliation of DE.meter…

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