T-Window in House B (Palenque) ~(&*&)~ ‘Aj Pitz Ola’ …Pearl Seed of The Heart Purse @ The Center… OLA!



Here’s my tentative analysis and translation of it, to be discussed in some detail below:

ha-ta / i-tz’i-WINIK / ch’o-ko / AJ-pi-tzi-la? / OHL-la / 7-”BEN”?
ha’at itz’in winik ch’ok aj pitzl(al) ohl Wuk “Ben”
“You, younger brother, the ??, Seven Ben(?)…”

Let’s first look first at the final three or so glyphs. The fourth and fifth block (AJ-pi-tzi-la? / OHL-la) clearly show a title or name found elsewhere in Palenque’s texts. Aj pitzlal ohl is found in the Cross Group and elsewhere, for example, as a common reference to K’inich Kan Bahlam, to eldest son of K’inich Janab Pakal. The full phrase is difficult to translate — “ballplayer” (aj pitz) is surely inadequate — but it does incorporate two known roots: pitz, “to play ball” and ohl, “heart, center.”


Palenque Collage


Palenque Maya Rulers list

(possible, but unknown for sure)

Snake Spine? 967- ? BC (legendary? – Olmec?)




Death Rays Lamps



Palenque Arch Hall


The Tomb of the Red Queen

is a burial chamber containing the remains of an unknown noblewoman located inside Temple XIII


This is what they found when they opened the chamber in May 1994.

The chamber was 3.8 meters long and 2.5 meters wide, with a vaulted stone ceiling. There were no decorations or paintings on the walls. In the center, occupying almost all the burial chamber, was a limestone sarcophogus 2.4 meters long and 1.8 meters wide, closed by a stone lid ten centimeters thick. Atop the lid was a censer with a lid and a small spindle whorl.

At western end of the sarcophagus the badly preserved skeleton of a male about eleven years old was lying on the floor…

At the eastern end of the sarcophagus was a second skeleton of a woman 30–35 years old…

On the first step leading to the chamber was a large brown ceramic plate and two orange ceramic vases, as well as some human remains; long bones and teeth inlaid with jade.











2 thoughts on “T-Window in House B (Palenque) ~(&*&)~ ‘Aj Pitz Ola’ …Pearl Seed of The Heart Purse @ The Center… OLA!

  1. comment left to article by Maya Decipherment
    Ola! Gracias for writing and sharing T-window painting – it holds the secret of Palenque together with who and what was found in Temple XIII of The Red Queen (if just look and SEE without interpreting in a usual way of Maya being sacrificed – there is more than sacrifice – it is murder against the Will of Spirit and Soul done by Ghoul (Spirit of forcefully murdered man & woman who became vampire and cannibal making many cannibals and vampires feeding with help of many machines – i know personally as i am being eaten alive same way as “Red Queen” and many others – they are ancient Ghouls – murdered in Babylon, where Allah was one of the Gods – another God was Ansuz (Odin) – and yet another God was Nabu – and the Heavenly gatekeeper is always Christ (Xrist – XristOz) .. names of original Ghouls are Grey Marut-Mhndr Zvr666-false Grey God from Maldek-RFID(all his names); his and by him MADE daughter Mara-Kleopatra-Makara-Eve(all her names); her husband Darth Seth-Devil-Adam-Grey Koshchey the Deathless-Wolf in Lambs skin-2 iron Knives(all his names) within the machine – they use and abuse many machines including the machine of Ancient Astronaut Pa Kal (Pa Kal as many others have to do with creation and “support” against their Spirit Will of Kala-Kali=Time=artificial nuclear time machine keeping all within as of now – against the Will of The Gods to end time with “nullification of Mayan Calendar by 0000000000000 and Flint Knife as a “full stop”=point at the end of the sentence.
    HO(pe) that Gods will stop all who stop Gods from being ALIVE and FREE to walk with Humans ALIVE again and to show us reality instead of “big banged” deserts of nuclear winter we now view through the looking glass as Pakal did…

  2. “на ножах как на ножаx” —- “on the knives as on the knives”
    spoken in Russian kode////// \\\\\\ ////// trip(eo)ple ring /\/\/\\/\/\
    and Iron Shirt of Xuan Wu []*[]*[]*[]*[]*[]*[]*[]*[]
    stay sane &*& alive
    if VVE KAN …

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