American Flag and Memorial Day

American Flag with 50 Stars for 50 States is a SYMBOL of Union of AvaLone and GlasTonBury
American Flag is also a visual of very special “MaTriX” (MaXXX-The Crystal Skull of 13th AEON of The Father) PROGRAM (upon realisation of two couples encoded in American Flag, i cried for the first time with sadness listening to American Anthem sang on TV at that moment…):
[Blue Beard and Selina Sitara] maraying The Rose of the World and White Lotus with Azure Heart – marraying The Third with and between them with all the Children and Mothers in The Ark and *Nature&**&Weather Gods” in2 the box(aes)
Iron Lady “program” of American Flag DE.tails
(DE for Deutsch “W”-club at Point Dume in MaLibu):

Blue Beard “MARraed” to 50 White Talls’ Children outlines “cut” by “cookie.cutter” of golden metal star-spangled brain of GREY Selina Sitara-The Original destroyer of Arthur’s knights and guardians (Swan Children) and Genevieve and AvaLone…
5+6=11 red and White Stripes are computer code for patriarchal “union” of Nature Goddess with Sanata Kumara
Since GREEN is real colour, blue “square” of Glas.ton.bury is burries more ancient AvaLone – Lady of the Lake with Children and Allaq and the only Human born within Holy Kaaba – known to Muslims as Imam Ali ib Abi-Talib – known to me as Tibo – the original Companion of Berkana and the guardian of his AllA… God of the elements, The Structure that arrests both and three and all – The Eastern Temple of BabyLone, – is “the system” of 3 murderers, who are the original authors of “The Matrix” (that destroyed The Earth of The Gods to asteroid belts), Big Bang (outcome of greedy & decietful “chess play” between two neighbors) and Event Horizon (to disguise “things” under the sands of nuclear desert of “time”)…
Happy memorial Day!
BabyLone (in Kiev Nazies murdered all at a place called Baby Yar=Women’s Gully)
lone (meaning from
lōn – adj.
having no companions; solitary or single.
“I approached a lone drinker across the bar”
synonyms: solitary, single, solo, unaccompanied, unescorted, alone, by oneself, sole, companionless; lacking the support of others; isolated.
“I am by no means a lone voice”
(of a place) unfrequented and remote. “houses in lone rural settings”
synonyms: solitary, single, solo, unaccompanied, unescorted, alone, by oneself/itself, sole…
BabyLone Alla comes LONE from the VOID wanting a companion… but will the machine of “the system” let him be Human Man again with a Companion and all the Children of The East? … so far The Gulf of Mexico is reminding only of the im.pact that caused “Ice Age”…
i found it funny that city street artificial gully is called Man.Hole (attached are some designs of Man.Hole covers, which are so “in sink” with various parts of BabyLonian Machine that it is really amazing co-incident already… Man.Hole is very much “in sink” with the original PROBLEM of our Earth – when the Original Boy (from M-51, who was later made into Wolverine – real BOY from whom Hollywood made comix Man-X-Man character: The Soul of the Original Boy communed to me that when he arrived here, there were only women – without Man…
Man.Hole and Baby.Lone … Baby.Lone and BabyYar (Women’s Gully)…

2dae is Memorial DAE (4 “day”…
or is it Cosmic Night a.gain
“on iron chain” of “artificial time” machine
of those who want The MaTrix MaXXX?



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