Ring of possession by Ghoul or Black magician on left baby finger of “soldier”

possession by a ring given by Ghoul or Black Magician to person to be murdered in Spirit and/or Soul and to be used as a soldier or “channel” – ring must be worn on left baby finger (the finger forbidden to use when playing “God’s Finger” – Chinese instrument (Yellow Emperor played this instrument too…)
to be free in SOUL and SPIRIT from possession, the ring must be returned to one who gave it ( i returned silver coiled snake ring given to me by Viatcheslav Petrov-Gladky (owner of Dark House of Secret City of Moscow=dead devil-Darth Seth=Ghoul-the-cannibal) as advised by Spiritual Research Foundation to protect The Soul from black magician and his snake/snake-woman: i placed silver snake ring designed to be worn on baby finger into envelope, sealed it and wrote on all four sides “Aum Namah Shiva Ya” – then drove to the house 1400 Gordon St, Los Angeles, where he used to live and threw the envelope over the gate with all power of rejection and anger of being harmed i could feel… “Aum Namah Shiva Ya” is mantra “Know Thy Self”



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