Meat eaters: watch this video – read this article

this article describes how “cattle” is slaughtered so that two-leggeds can eat meat 
will you eat meat after you know and see HOW the “cattle” is slaughtered? minds of most city dwellers are not even questioning seeing pieces of murdered animals in the stores – they are conditioned by “the system” to see pieces of murdered animals as food-object only disconnected from seeing that these pieces were living animals murdered… people will never eat pieces of other people’s bodies murdered in war or by criminals – because they saw these people murdered or dead – this is healthy condition of the mind – to empathise with murdered ones free from desire to eat dead bodies…

MECHANISM SHOWN IN THIS VIDEO IS USED BY CANNIBALS of Mahendra Zaveri (India) and Mara-Kleopatra-Makara (Germany-Russia) to MURDER & DISSECT GODS, CHILDREN, DIVINE MOTHERS AND FATHERS, whose pieces are then used by cannibals for several purposes: 1) artificial insemination beginning with separated into many pieces Souls black magicians “dress” into golems-slaves (most of people living on Earth now are products of this “making people”); 2) enslavement of Gods and Powers of Nature in the machines (f.e. imprisonment of Mother Okeanus BRAIN in the computer AI by polluting 01 intelligence with 8 and lower (upto 16) “bit” languages – the only 01-language there is – Sanskrit Siddham – Devanagari script already is an imprisonment of Divine Intelligence by angles that hold within only left-overs of the essence of Siddham SansKrit; 3) murdered parts of bodies of Gods and Children and Humans are also used to feed “Her” animals; 4) Light separated from ATOMA(Soul) is used for “Light Shows” that entertain the girl who watches “galaxies” made from Living Children spin; 5) Love essences from The Hearts of Children and Gods are used for sexual pleasures of cannibals and vampires and those, who are having sexual pleasures with “invisible gods” telepathically… the worse of all is that Mara-Kleopatra-Makara Child is a Child whose mind cannot experience or watch violence and murder – and so she and her friends use many lies to blame murder and violence they did onto innocent ones – to reimprison Xristos, Daviethai, Oriel, Eleleth, Divine Mothers, Fathers and all Children who KNOW and are connected to The Heart of One Life (God) instead of themselves… lies and misinterpretations are very subtle – we must pay attention to remember who we are – to remember our experiences as they are instead of trying to protect our mind from what is happening in reality (17 moments of consciousness (taught by Buddha Shakyamuni) that create all states of mind are helping to keep our mind unaffected by violence without denial or “covering” terrible truth with imagination)… there are also use of murdered and dissected by slaughter mechanism shown in the video Humans and Gods in the games as TOYS and use of our brains (separated from body) and our minds to PRODUCE desired consciousness to OPERATE and CONTROL Creation – all Creation… Mara-Kleopatra-Makara Child must also give up playing with all “the balls” of Cosmos…


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