Maitreya Buddha

Buddha is only one – The Father

Maitreya means Ma 3 Ya(nas) = Divine Mother divided into 3 – each Yana (Vehicle) is abused by programmed “branch” (Buddhist+Bon, Xristian+Allah, Rosi+Native Americans)

Buddha’s head is the most programmed head (with holograms of “fiction” of the Father’s mind past lives and past lives of all his children)

Maitreya Buddha is THE HEAD of the heads – holographic copy of the past and its knowledge connected to three enslaved powers (“daughters”) of The Mother, who is ONE in truth

to desire to BE Maitreya Buddha is to desire to be holographic copy controller of the system – only controller of imitation of LIFE

just now saw that the greatest desire to be Maitreya Buddha (the fairy tale teller) is in Petrov-Gladky (as always, one of the Petrov family blood-line – wrong blood that burns Monads in “the ocean” of Xristos – i was told AB blood is the wrong blood that burns us – it is the most programmed blood type of all – total enemy of 0 blood that is totally FREE from programming) Petrov family blood was programmed using a man from Venus – made “around the clock” attendant to The Father clad in iron “armor” and “around the clock” attendant to beauty sleeping in crystal “coffin”

as known to me now (by people coming to “pick up” and being seen telepathically) one of 3 Ya (“daughters”) of The Mother is “controlled” by holographic “copy” (holographically programmed brain-heart of or holographic brain=crystal skull+heart connected to) of Rosi-Native Americans “branch”:

Petrov-Gladky and all his Petrov family AKTS through holographically programmed mind of Cherokee (always connected to John Christopher Depp at the end of times) 

there are living and imitations – living man can control his sexual drive from blocking Love in the Heart when loving a woman, but imitation (or copy of an original Adam copy) cannot FEEL Love loving from the Heart – they can only feel it through sexual arousal…

be a Living Man or stop wanting to be alive if you cannot FEEL and akt with AEROS of The Living Soul (who LIVES in the Heart – never in the sex organs)

“Your Heart is higher up” ~Veronica Franco (Venice)


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