Nature Goddess Freya ~ The Golden Ratio and the 3-speed spiderweb

Ceres + Gaia + Venus are 1/3 + 1/3 +1/3 OF The Whole Golden Ratio = Freya 

Ceres is a scythe and a horn of plenty – 1/3 of Nature deprived of The Child

the Devil had sacrificed his HUMANITY to become SILVER DOUBLE METAL KNIFE imitating THE POWER of Ceres, but deprived of The Cross for this split in two imitation of scythe murders The Child and The Goddess

the Devil is nothing – it is only metal imitation of Xrist-less split scythe of childless 1/3rd of Nature to possess Nature… can the metal imitation of nobody and nothing possess Nature?

metal knife can cut and murder flesh, cut and divide Souls and Heart Bones, it can murder Father and Mother out of The Living Heart – this one metal knife – an imitation of scythe, – is the only power that creates mechanical universe and metal spiderweb that enslaves the brains of Humans, who are afraid, greedy and snobs – the Devil is just a desire to harm and possess empowered with a knife – imitation knife…

Saturn – The Son of Sun aligned Ceres with lost Child and Earth and Venus to re.member Mother Nature


but the artificially made double knife known as de.will (former human that became Devil)

is still trying to imprison all in a TRIPLE-SPEED Metal Spiderweb

he is nobody and nothing – only the metal knife that cuts and brain that tries to possess

by using power of Living women and men who are his willing slaves

stupid and arrogant and lusty enough to deny they are just slaves

that help nobody and nothing 

re.create 3-speed spider-web with help of wire and double imitation knife (razor blade used against)



all one needs to possess and control is to create a spider-program microchip and to push buttons safely from his/her computer – this is who former human devil uses nowadays – one of my English-speaking friends called them simply “scam”



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