Letter to Barack Obama

Hello! i contacted White Hose Secret Service regarding threat to President Barack Obama in autumn 2013 – i didn’t receive any response nor help (as of now my body is being CERN(ed) by microscopic metal round CERNS which turns my body to ashes – i see & collect ashes in a bathtub every time i take a bath – i called 911 and they refused to help – operator said they don’t have equipment to detect or help a person who is is exploded from within by implanted thermonuclear and atomic mini weapons. i believe im being murdered because i contacted you and because i share the truth that the system that owns USA government as well as governments of all countries wants someone like me dead and disbelieved. i contact you again – email, – to notify about one more crime – Mantauk Project that is supposedly conducted by US Department of Defense is in truth conducted by two former Nazi (reincarnated now as German citizens) They began Mantauk (Spear of Destiny) project during WWII, they try to complete it now – they are very experienced in possessing minds in addition to possessing collective mind that IS “the system” (very sadistic, hateful, basic, powerfully psychic mind of a woman) These two Nazies are very ancient enemies of Humanity – very powerful – they are the ones who minds prepared and unfolded all military and technological “discoveries” that will help them to annihilate LIFE – it is his desire – please see his facebook page and his friend’s who uses forbidden computer sound program that can possess any one’s physical body. Please see my facebook page, where i post all that needs to be known to save not only the life of Earth and people on Earth, but lives of Ancient of Days(see bible for who Ancient of Days is), Divine Mother and all Human Family. i also wrote to Vatican asking for investigation. Please be SERVANTS of THE PEOPLE as you SWORE. here are facebook links to two Russian criminals V.Petrov-Gladky (author of Mantauk project and one who stole The Spear of Destiny, which in truth is a very powerful nuclear weapon) and Alexandr Polienko (computer owner with a program to poccess, program and manipulate human bodies including BRAIN and HEART) https://www.facebook.com/viatcheslav.petrovgladky
you can find wife of Petrov-Gladky V. – Toropova-Petrova-Marinez, – and his female slave Anna Malzeva on his website http://www.podiumart.ru
my facebook address is
i HOPE to get some help – there must be someone in White House – someone like Servant of The People of USA who can stop THERMONUCLEAR WARFARE fought against US Citizens FROM WITHIN OUR BODIES – if LAPD refuses to help me – then i ask you to help me – whoever has equipment to scan my body and to examine charcoaled BONE and laser cut BONES and muscle cartilage i collected as evidence of MY BODY damage – damage done on purpose – because im very uncomfortable witness to many crimes (spiritual and nuclear warfare) commited by Petrov-Gladky V. and his wife Petrova-Toropova(Marinets=nickname she uses)
Thank you for reading
Thank you for transferring this letter to Barack Obama
it may sound very insane unless i have physical proves and i know psychically that White House, Secret Service, FBI, CIA, LAPD, US Department of Defence, Point Mugu already are very aware of what is happenning – im just very surprised you, Servants of The People, refuse to save the life of Ancient of Days, Divine Mother, children, life of this Earth and mine.
Inna Maria Swann


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