Pit and Pendulum

when REAL punisher of prostitutes and their exterminator is IMPRISONED in psychiatric unit – REAL WHORE uses his torture equipment to murder children – this night i dreamed of an unknown torture de.vice – metal lantern (looks like famous “Light of the world”) – with little Jacobian tortured inside instead of a false nun=prostitute who HOLDS this lantern as hers

started looking for “Jacobian nun” and found this instead:


Jacobean era: “I am studying Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure”

Luisa de Carvajal in Jacobean England:

Born into Spain’s highest nobility, Luisa de Carvajal (1566-1614) chose to live a life of poverty for over 9 years in Jacobean England. Her extraordinary legacy of 178 letters offers incomparable insights into London’s recusant community, where her activities ranged from comforting the city’s Catholic ‘ladies who lunch’ to nocturnal outings to dig up the body parts of the freshly martyred. As for her earlier life, the vividly detailed memoirs of this self-proclaimed nun reveal how she was subjected to mortification of the flesh, thereby posing uncomfortable questions about childhood abuse and her longing for martyrdom.









black Spider-program of Mara-Kleopatra-Makara-of Marut and Yao – angel of 7 Archons of Darth Seth-the-Devil serving his own Archon Sabaoth (who is the same as Lemurian des.eased Kleopatra) – two known murderers and torturers not only to me… to all Humanity… this drawing so correct in showing horrors of the tortured one’s own eyes and mind being made to watch own torture and murder…


this crown is said to have the real xross of Xristos



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