The INSANITY of Greys and The Machines

there are two machines that are used to enslave all LIFE and Creation:

time making machine (known as wheel of samsara eaten by Mara) owned by Grey Maha Indra, who enslaves The Spirit-Soul of Nature to “run” between two poles – having healed in Body Soul and Spirit reconnected to The Heart of One Life (The Monad) Nature is then being destroyed in this machine of Mara again – into artificially made time by nuclear warfare from within healed bodies… “i want to OWN Nature” said Grey Marut-Maha Indra and placed Spirit of nature into the machine of Mara – his daughter he MADE to be the Makara… and he wanted to use Polar Star and the Bear as his toy… and he wanted to use the powers of Salamanders to perpetually rotate within the pool of FIRE – used not to create life and living ones, but to destroy Life and Living ones as Mother Life is placed upon a cube rock of split Atoma of The Monad of Life…

submarine that used to travel through Cosmic Ocean, but needed nuclear fuel for it… having used all the nuclear fuel available in the Heaven, Earth, and Ocean of The Creation, its owner began to make nuclear fuel out of Living Children of Central Spiritual Suns – first two Human Hearts placed into this submarine’s engine are Troubadour and Polar Star… “i need slaves” said Darth Seth-the-Devil and he enslaved all of living Human Children and Mothers and Fathers through two gentle children…

and so the two Greys enslave Life and Nature and all the Living Ones in the machines – one white – one black… one imprisoning Nature Spirit and Bear – another one imprisoning Troubadour and Polar Star… one splitting The Heavens – another one splitting The Ocean… between these two Middle Earth is always split in two planes of “egyptian phone” – upper plane of divided Middle Earth is The Father – under.laying all plane of Middle Earth is The Mother… The Father and The Mother are perpetually in the two time machines in between two planes – time-making machine (of Mara-Samsara) and time-traveling machine (of “Devil’s kitchen” sub.marine)…

there is the third machine the two Greys have taken into possession – machine of artificial reincarnation…

there is a fourth machine – machine of a game center that splits the Living Ones into three bodies – Physical, Light and Spirit-Soul…

and this “game center” of one into 3 to imprison in holographic aquariums is owned by the third Grey, who calls himself Michael Watcher – Grey, who is “watcher” “equal to god”…

“Two there should be; no more, no less. One to embody power, the other to crave it.”

―Darth Bane

and so the Grey “watcher equal to god” MADE the two Greys who embody and crave power – Grey Maha Indra-Marut and Grey Seth-the-Devil… and a woman placed between them to be used – Mara-Makara – made daughter to one – wife to another…

“two fools fight as the third one watches” ~ Ancient Ukrainian aphorism

the worse of all that it is the third Grey who watches that begins “eating” and devours at the end using the two other Greys… and he wasn’t even ashamed to say to Life, Nature, Father, Mother and Children: “you are my desert”… for “i love swans and fire”… and it is he, the watcher “equal to god”, who “takes” all swans and fire after Mara-Makara devoured them and spitted out… and Grey watcher “equal to god” uses three other ones – one is “father” of porno-video industry – another is false nun who is The Iron Maiden MADE of Lucifer child’s POWER kept perpetually disconnected from Heart of One Life – third one is Red Cherokee, who is given the command over fiery power of Salamanders by his elder Sister… and this third one is used nowadays by all three greys and their made Mara-Makara-Kleopatra for he is only blue holographic rectangular glasses nowadays… i do not understand holographic machines to tell how two blue rectangular holograms placed over the sun and the moon of Red Cherokee possess all fiery Salamanders Powers to perpetually rotate and FEED with nuclear fuel made from The Living Ones the time, the time-traveling, and the game machines owned by three Greys…

all i want to know is HOW to stop these three Greys from imprisoning Nature, Life, and all of Creation

how to stop the insanity of the insane who believes they are sane only because they are in control of all and of all the machines for too long? how to stop them – the insane, – who are in control for billions of years of artificial nuclear time they make and re.make to be in control?

all it took for the Lucifer to seduce the Architect to build “The Inception” worlds once… all it took was the craving for power of the neighbor to find the way to corrupt the game of children creating worlds – to find the way of placing all into machines within the original “game center” machine… The Eagle and The Phoenix Spirit Powers are used to lift all… The Salamander fiery Powers are used to bring all down and mix into “primordial soup”… how to prove to two warring Greys that syphilis (perpetual rotation ba.K.teri.A) they created to infect the mind and body of made Mara to make rotation automated must be stopped for all to HEAL if they are insane who refuse to accept that they are insane?

how to prove to Grey watcher “equal to god” that he is insane of wanting “to go home” by devouring his neighbor’s Universe if he refuses to accept that he is insane, but insists he is “equal to god”?

Seth Lords of the dead – Darth Seth, Darth Maha Indra, Darth Mara and Darth Equal-to-God… please heal us all from artificial syphilis computer program! please heal yourselves from insanity – you are GREYS – you are dead Seth Lords! it is insane for the dead to possess all living ones! Seth Lords are dead – it is insane to believe that Seth Lords can be alive!

Seth Lords are Lords of Seth – original Seth is Egyptian “god” of desert and foreigners – Seth is 3rd son of Eve given to her after death of Adam –  violent vengeful son who is dead Adam’s mind – a computer copy of Pigera Adama Atoma (created after being murdered) MARried to GREY half-light of insane mind – Seth is known to be APPOINTED to rule over 2nd and 3rd AEONS of The Father – Oriel (with all the Saints) and Daviethai (with all his seed) – saints are tortured Souls of Children of The Father and Seed are their bodies – Seth is the same as dead golem known as Devil – Seth’s mother Eve is the rib of Grey Adam – his pride – his syphilis infected mind (someone’s imagination imagined Triponema Palladium as the owner of the brain in the machine – someone’s associative power just linked Palladium and Pallas – Triponema Palladium and Pallas Athena are one and the same des.ease of Maha Indra’s (Zeus) mind after all… des.ease that MAKES The Child to murder and devour his Father… there is only one arrogant i met who said that Pallas Athena danced on his tongue to make him world’s teacher – he is Grey Darth Seth-the Devil – him and his Mara-Makara seated “on the roof” of our body, mind, Soul and Spirit WATCHING from above for from Devil’s point of view Pallas Athena is always and only “watches from above”… in my conscious experiences Athena – the real goddess – came to help me to save the child kidnapped by the thief to the other side of the spring of life… how to prove to insane Devil-world-teacher that he is not Athena, but only Pallas Athena of insane Maha Indra brain MARried to Mara-Makara-Triponema Palladium?

once Krishna came to ask Indra: “Why do you need this huge PALLAS with all the collected riches?”

grey mind is the insane mind of confusion – please heal from grey chaos of syphilis and you will heal from porcelainized Pallas of Zeus – and this is the only cure for T-gland that all Greys have lost or never had – loosing or never having the immunity to all des.eases… this is the only cure for Greys i see – healing their insanity that stealing or possessing T-gland and pinneal of the healthy ones will make you alive again… dead are dead – living are living – theft and murder only makes the thief and murderer more insane – never will these actions make you more alive… all Seth Lords are dead – Grey you are – dead must never possess Life, Nature and Living Ones… heal from the insanity and perhaps your lost Souls will have a chance to be and heal again…





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