Darth & Rule of Two

how to stop the insanity of the insane who believes they are sane only because they are in control of all for too long? how to stop them – the insane, – who are in control for billions of years of artificial nuclear time (in the machine) they made and recreate to be in control?

Seth Lords are Lords of Seth – Seth is Egyptian “god” of desert and foreigners – Seth is 3rd son of Eve given to her after death of Adam –  violent vengeful son who is dead Adam of his mind’s copy after being murdered – Seth is known to be APPOINTED to rule over 2nd and 3rd AEONS of The Father – Oriel (with all the Saints) and Daviethai (with all his seed) – saints are tortured Souls of Children of The Father and Seed are their bodies – Seth is the same as dead golem known as Devil – dead Adam Kadmon is Adam created by “god” who created “paradise” out of the mind of The Father by using the machines to torture Pineal to move – “god” who owned the machines to create – “god” is known as artificial (computer copy) Marut ATOMA after reaal Marut child was made into red brick by Eve kidnapping Mantaka – The Spear of Destiny – to cue out Fiery Sun (known as Ra) ATOMA out of HOME in the body of The Mother… thus cued out of body Sun Atoma started nuclear chain reaction… why Eve was so angry and wanting to destroy The Mother? … her husband dead Adam-Seth-the-Devil was in the machine (submarine that traveled through the ocean of creation) – he needed slaves to FEED the engine of “his” machine – split God’s Atomas are the nuclear fuel that he needed – and so the Devil-Darth Seth kidnapped the Heart of Troubadour and Polar Star – Troubadour holding Xristos Father’s family Atoma of his own but connected to the whole family and Polar Star holding Atoma of Great Chariot known as Bear connected to the Family of Bears, who are known as The Rishis… and so Polar Star and Troubadour became the nuclear fuel for the machine of Darth Seth-Devil and his Eve, who became Makara-Mara later known as Kleopatra… One who MADE her is known as her Father – artificial copy of Marut Atoma (The Grey Koshchei) – one who wanted to imprison Soul of Nature in his Machine that would imprison all within the circle of going back and forth – being destroyed to be a fuel – healing to become alive again within Human body – taken by The Grey again to be destroyed for nuclear fuel of the machine – then healing again – Bear being his toy… this is the artificial machine of time that imprisons all Human Children of The Father and Mother even today – the three Greys criminals became so sure of themselves that they murder Ancient of Days and Mothers without ever being afraid of punishment – “do what i want because i CAN”… “divide and rule”… this is the most horrible nuclear prison of all Monads and Atomas… many machines used to be one machine serving two – time machine and ocean travel machine sub.marine… the problem is that there is almost no water left in the creation because they’ve used all the water for fuel… the only thing murderers and criminals do not comprehend is that PUNISHMENT for murder and harm is insanity of the mind – insane person always believes they are healthy – for them to be murderers and torturers became to be healthy state of mind… to move the mind LOVE is needed – LOVE moves the Spirit-Soul to move the mind to create… but to destroy, basic form of Love is more “moving” for the mind – when involved into aerotic relationship Lovers forget themselves – their minds becoming silent – criminals then can USE silent mind to move it any way they want… to enslave – to use for fuel… to use Nature and all living ones in the machine they “own” because they were made by the machine… three criminals – three Greys – Mahendra Zaveri, Eve-Makara-Mara-Kleopatra he made as daughter and her husband Darth Seth-KoshChei-the-Devil-golem… and because one MADE woman was used by both for prostitution, she became infected with syphilis – artificially made virus to rotate – imagine that the mind of her had been eaten by treponema (tri.pa.nema=three fathers lost) so much that it is treponema that had become THE MIND of the machine by now… i have seen one Spirit of The Father laying in oblivious ecstasy within the void with only one Spirit of Banu dancing for him to make him forget all the children… this used by three insane greys to operate the machine torturing all the children even now… they say it is difficult to stop one’s life-style… the two male greys have been made to function by the “law” invented by the third, who watches – the main controller:

“Two there should be; no more, no less. One to embody power, the other to crave it.”
―Darth Bane


The Rule of Two doctrine, known as Chwayatyun in Sith language and also called the Banite system, was the guiding
principle of the Order of the Sith Lords after the internecine New Sith Wars. It replaced the practices of Lord Kaan’s
Brotherhood of Darkness, which claimed equality among Sith Lords and forbade the use of the title “Darth”.


Korriban shall be as it always was. A graveyard for the darkest of the Sith Lords, still whispering within their tombs. It shall always be a source of evil, spawning threats throughout the millennia.Darth Traya

The call of Korriban is strong, but it is the call of the dead.Darth Sion


Darth Seth-Devil-the-golem

The Darth title was more than just a symbol of power; it was a claim of supremacy. It was used by those Dark Lords who have sought to enforce their will on the other Masters. It was a challenge — a warning to bow down or be destroyed.Sith BlademasterKas’im






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