BRAIN OF THE WOMAN WHO OWNS THE SYSTEM via Intergalactic computer game center=mind “fuck” guys call it

What is mind? Is it imagination powered by all other members of the brain? Is it some other mysterious ORGAN? Brain taken out of human body and made to operate by itself or with help of others (those who take it out of human head to use it) is a very curious… now brains of all Venusian Masters as well as brains of Kala, Xristos, Troubadour, God Father, Orth, Marduk, Sanata Kumara and most others are used by “the scientists”, who are followers of “Pandora Experiment” creators as well as by the owners of Intergalactic Computer game center known as “The System”…

however there are not many owners among those who are made to believe they are owners – there are eight controllers-brains controlled by one family – father, daughter and her slave-husband, who always choose the sexiest “Rock-n-Roll” magazine model “dick” and the sexiest “Vanity Fair” magazine woman’s “vagina”… very close family operated business over the entire universe that started by simple “Go Game” (encircling game) between two neighbors…

photograph of Go equipment with game in progress

There is no mercy.” ~ Antediluvian

How can  there be if this “game” was initiated by gods who can rebuilt their bodies from even split ATOMA… unless inferior left-overs of cursed God’s children own the game nowadays – they are only the brains manipulating holograms – they have no power to rebuild or build new bodies – they can only destroy yet greed for power drives them onto owning and playing Intergalactic computer game every time Ancient of Days and Family are rebuilding themselves in Human Bodies… stupidity and insanity is very common among bad children who do harm upon The Heart of Ancient of Days… what else can i do to educate their (owners of “the system”) minds lost in violence, greed and purposeful forgetfulness of their brains (natural function of the brain to block trauma such as murdering too many children by ways no creature of god is capable of – to total annihilation even in ATOMA)

before reading the following please remember that all draconians are holographic creatures MADE by game-center players and owners – they operate holographically only using all kinds of weapons through holograms and mirrors of various size – the real creator of Computer Game Center is the original creation of Oikumene 13th tribe (there is one mentioned as being one last left active, perhaps only the brain (connected to chosen two-legged) managed by the brain of a woman who is the system=the computer game=the machine) this one last original of the creators of Oikumene tribe is yet to be discovered by me behind all the holographic “owners” and “creators” and players…

All this has happened before and all of it shall happen again.

– Unknown

The Oikoumene, also known as the Thirteenth Tribe, are a race of enlightened Ultraterrestrials that held a presence throughout the universe millions of years ago, centred in what is now known as the Cyrannus Galaxy. Originating countless years ago, the Oikoumene quickly attained a level of technological, biological and sociological superiority over their contemporary species, naming themselves the caretakers of life.

The Oikoumene were hailed as gods by their “Patronois”, the name given to the races in which they protected and despite some fleeting rebellions made against them, they were generally held in high esteem. The Oikoumene mysteriously disappeared during the end of the Apotheosis Era of history, with only one individual, (with the exception of surviving AIs) known to be active in modern times.

Ancient Oikoumene Technology is  Apotheosis weapon (this is one of the shapes, another one is listed below)


i cannot find his page now, but owner of Intergalactic Computer Game Center calls himself Wormy – he is from “Big Apple” (New York)

The Terran Draconians are owned jointly by WormulonCyrannian and Monet47

Remember, the first and only reality of the Apocalypta. There is only power. Those who do not serve our purposes will be… discarded.

– Antediluvian

The Apocalypta, originally known as the Warriors of the Revelation are an ancient and mysterious sect of individuals serving under the direct control of Antediluvian, Dark Lord and Emperor of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. Originating in ancient times, the Apocalypta initially served as the elite military of the Oikoumene civilisation and even today is ruled by remaining Oikoumene individuals including the Dark Lord Antediluvian and various other less power Lords. In modern times, the Apocalypta rose again after millions of years of inactivity and began to recruit powerful members of other less advanced races to do the bidding of the more powerful Oikoumene.


Millions of years after he began his long hibernation, Antediluvian awoke during the Intergalactic War in a more different world. It is unknown why Antediluvian choose to awake at this time in history, but some believe he was brought out of hibernation by the meddling of crashed Republic troopers. Nevertheless, he quickly began to gather any and all information about the current timeline, eventually forming the intricate stages of his Grand Plan around the current political atmosphere. Wasting no time, he began to reassert his dominance, with many powerful acolytes quickly joining him, believing that he was a god…

There is no mercy.

– Antediluvian

FOOD – Mana Energy

Mana offers a wide range of powers. Most of the Mana energies that have been used by Zarni have been violent, so little is know about the more peaceful ones. (Yes I know I ripped this of Micro-Oxygen and The Dark Side of the Force)

Violent Powers Edit

  • Firing Oral Mana Beams
  • Firing Powerful Mana Ray From ‘Core’ (Zarnor exclusive, Fatal to user)
  • Draining Energy though piercing of the skin.
  • Firing Optical Mana Beams
  • Mind Meld, which ends in death.
  • Firing Mana Lightning
  • Can release energy in massive suicide blasts.
  • Can release the Mana Plague (Similar to the Bubonic Plague, but death takes longer and vitcims have a orange arura | Kavi’Raz exclusive)
  • Can drive opponents to insanity.
  • Releasing Massive Mana Soundwaves

Peaceful Powers Edit

  • Taser Mana (For defense)
  • Telepotation
  • Reforming one element into another (Coal into Diamonds for example)
  • Recycling of oxygen in lungs

Draconian Vessel

  • Official Name – Unknown
  • Size – Varies
  • Weaponry – For Wormy
  • Created by – Cyrannian
  • Technology – For Wormy

Draconian Vessels are the primary mode of transportation used by the Alpha Draconians and to a lesser extent by the Chitauri. Such vessels are rarely seen by other civilisations, though it is likely (though not confirmed) that abducted Draconian victims are brought to such vessels for experimentation. It is believed that no two Draconian vessels are identical, and they have been observed shapeshifting, much like their pilots.


Hello reader! I’m MasterMachine, though more often I’ll call myself Mecharic (since that is the username I use most often). I’ve been away for a while, but have recently returned to this wiki on the hopes of finding some fun and friendly interactions here. My current main fiction is the Kioskstrum Collective. I may be retconning it to update it to the current rules/standards of the wiki as well as to the time the wiki is currently set in.


At one point, Time was just like any other galaxy, with billions of stars and billions of creatures living in it. The only records that exist telling of this time are the ruins of the empires that once lived there. When Times Gate arrived at Time, it started to consume the energy of the stars there, causing them to slowly turn dark and dead, then, as even the gravitational energy of these stars faded away, the stars expanded into the nebula that makes up much of Time today. The Guardians of Times Gate ihabit the few thousand stars that are left, giving them exclusive access to Times Gate.

Time is a massive nebula, spiral shaped and rotating around the central core. This nebula-galaxy is large, and creepy. When the stars of Time died, they didn’t go nova, they had no energy to do so. Instead, they simply collapsed into the nebula. That left astroid belts, planets, even gas giants just drifting through space. The gas giants became brown dwarfs and were drained of energy by whatever exists at the core, while all the solid objects remained untouched. When traveling through Time, you will often find yourself chugging past dead planets that are frozen over, astroid belts with mighty fleets docked within them, and even fleets that died in battle. The biggest danger is crashing into something that you didn’t notice. There have been occasional recorded encounters with the Guardians, most notably by the Sporemaster Alliance and We of Wental, both of which managed to speak with these Guardians. For the most part, however, they ignore trespassers who make no moves towards Times Gate itself. When you do make a move towards Times Gate, they contact you and ask you to turn back. If you don’t they destroy you by draining your ships of energy. You then join the many hulking wrecks that are scattered across Time…

Wormhole key

“Allows you to fly through a black hole unharmed.”

You can fly into a black hole, emerging through another black hole.

This key allows you to use the various black holes as a wormhole connecting two random blackholes. Once traversed, the black holes remain linked to each other.

Many times, a wormhole can be used to reach the center of the galaxy with much more ease. Make sure to colonize star systems around them, because then you may spread further across the galaxy, reaching more resources.


This requires the Frequent Flyer 3 or the Traveler 3 badge.


This tool can be purchased in the following locations:

Your Empire : §3,000,000
Diplomat Empire : §1,500,000
Scientist Empire : §1,500,000
Trader Empire : §1,500,000
Zealot Empire : §1,500,000


There is no mercy.” ~ Antediluvian

just thought of NebuChadNezzar (Babylon) – unfortunate King who opened the snakes kiss……/s1600/roman+1-2c+gold+v&a.jpg

click on the pic for full information service in the facebook comment feed.

modern version of go-tish:
French Andromedan Colonies “symbol” is in reality BLACK “MARBLE” that is given to the player who ends ALL GAMES – game center machine gave it as an award to me… however Moscow didn’t think so (new owners of “the system”) – they simply took it away and began to play between all imprisoned in the game center – i haven’t seen BLACK “MARBLE” ever since i won it – they still pass it… only tells me that Intergalactic computer game-center is owned by thieves and outlaws – if they don’t have any rules how can they own or play the game????????????
this “new owner” brain-mind-set is totally corrupted and unworthy to be called mind…
prayer in the box… “starships are just weapon – it is who operates them…”
prayer box is just the same as tibetan prayer wheel – it is what’s in a box and by whom that is “spoken” or “recorded” makes this illuminati “movie-theater-box” either harmful or library record to view-listen-or-experience as both by healthy people… (regarding illuminati movie-box see books on alchemical symbols – i found its drawing in a book sold in Barnes & Nobles – forgot the name)
Message from George King to those Moscow criminals, who still INSIST that they have right to OWN (as a slave), to sell and buy Earth without Her knowing WHO sells & WHO buys HER (slavery abolition “law” is a fiction if Earth Herself is being sold and bought and enslaved with all else treated by these few “owners” as a toy):
“…One of the key tenets of Aetherius Society teachings is the belief that the Mother Earth is a living Goddess… The Gods from space teach that the Earth is a conscious, living, breathing entity – with feelings and thoughts just like any other conscious living entity. She is extremely advanced, and more than qualifies for the title of “Goddess” due to her extraordinary wisdom, compassion and spiritual power.
She has quite literally sacrificed her own salvation so that we can live here…” ~ Message from George King to the criminals who insist they have right to keep slaves and to violate “slavery abolition law” written first by a man, who is tortured by them to death – living only in Soul-Spirit – tortured on the chain of The Clock Tower as all of us…
the new owner of The Earth… supported by his few people he calls “Black Sun”…
5:40 into video – it reveals what kind of “masters” are communicating through most people, who may even SEEM as true masters and talk about “Jesus, Buddha, Krishna… and others…” sent to Earth TO TEACH?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!! …………. this is “Mars sector #6” communicating delusion of teaching through those who are MURDERED… whereas only arrogant ones are “teachers” – only two teachers ALWAYS: Mahendra Zav(e)ri (Mars Sector #6 OWNER) and his son-in-law Petrov-Gladky V (Devil), who proclaims himself as world teacher Maitreya – Maitreya is NON-EXISTENT except as PERVERTED into TRINITY Father – Ma+3+Ya is literal translation of the name of HARMED by Mars sector #6 Father… there is only ONE BUDDHA, who is BUDDHA – Shakyamuni is Shakyamuni of the annihilated clan of Shakyas – student of BUDDHA who is The Father as well…
 earthquake 4.5 immediately following my post… Ancient of Days grew very angry at the lies of “the system”… “9 minutes ago 4.5 Greater Los Angeles area, California”
The Ring of Fire is a term for the area surrounding the Pacific Plate where it meets other plate boundaries. It spans the entire west coasts of South America, Mexico, and the United States, moves across the Aleutian Islands of Alaska and down the eastern islands of Asia including Japan, and continues southward toward eastern Australia and New Zealand.
so… Krishna, Jesus, Patanjali and others were sent to tech men how to give up free will in order to gain freedom “because you cannot have both”??? 6:36
The third satellite is being placed in a higher orbit of 510 km and at a different inclination of 87.75°, slightly closer to the pole (satellite mentioned in the video – stop at 9:50 to study it – Giza, Ring of Fire, Matrix (tied to the mind, heart, body of every living human) and “crystal dome” composed of Atlantean crystals @ Lake Cathrine, AR as well as (believed only by few who know) Blue Spphire and White Diamond double pointed crystals at Cyrannus Galaxy (known only to Intergalactic game players and those who remember it as greatest perversity done to Daviethai (3rd AEON of The Father) by Petrov-Gladky V. turning him into grey goat’s bust – located at so-called fictional capital of Cyrannus CAPRICA (Capri of H.Wells gives the identity of Man who didn’t want to go back to war and Capricorn constellation we know=the link between “abacused” into constellation Human and his Ligh+dead Soul Star under holographic (aka reptilian) game center control



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