anthi-ki-terra and kleopatra needles
anti-ki-therra is moving according to egyptian calendar of 365 days moved by kleopatra’s needles… this abuse of machines by kleopatra mind in the machine of Xristos and Orion must be stopped – her mind possessed by pinneal of kosh.chei grey is supported by his mind that imprisons pinneal of Lalita Devi who he made into grinded stardust caleidoscope looking glass holder and possessor of all minds – the moment pinneal of Lalita Devi comes into contact with any of her children, she dominates and stuns their minds and hearts – annihilates their identity to total silence – this achieved by Petrov-Gladky-Devil-grey Kosh.chei forcing Lalita pinneal to do so with both of his hemispheres and other faculties of the brain, which is connected through his german shepherd to possess the half light of the mind of The Father he destroyed – tricked to be given to him by the child known as Yaltabaoth, after collapsing mind of the father through Sophia – to make the child to recreate empty “neighbor” into full – dressed from reflected conscious membrane of the heart on – the only members he could never possess are HEART SOULS SPIRIT ATOMAS… this kidnapped mind of THE FATHER owned by two fallen children is the owner of all machines – because it is the mind without heart it is nearly a machine – ruthless and full of hatred towards the heart – the only living organ that can stop it and its possessive cold will of half-light… there are only two Yaltabaoths known to me – Lucifer (divided into 10 men) and Khandaria Mahadeva=Xristos, who succeeded in recollecting himself in Spirit and Soul 2000 years ago – but to recollect other body parts… we need to reclaim half-light of the mind of The Father and pinneal of Lalita Devi from thieves, murderers and molesters of all of our family including Tara, whom Petrov-Gladky-Divil tortured to a state of fall that made Andromeda Galaxy destroyed – still CERNing “stars” out of Her Heart even today – this is how long nuclear and thermonuclear explosion of a Human being lasts – destroying all of soul star to crazily inflamed lights of otherwise stable ATOMA of MONADIC SPHERE around THE LIVING HUMAN CHILD… you can find his drawing of his own head with “worm” of Lalita Devi within his head looking through the looking glass – she has short curly hair in a drawing, which is symbolic of being “curled” by nuclear explosion from the rest of herself…

thank you for publishing true self-portrait of your mind, Petrov-Gladky… wishing you and your wife Kleopatra would stop harming all of the creation with your scientific tools and desires to learn what you cannot learn ever because not one of us can be someone else even if you possess us…


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