Middle Earth downfall

original downfall of Middle Earth is different than described by JJ Tolkien (who described only duality that followed the catastrophe – the harmed ones vs healthy ones as created by mechanical universe destruction)

original collision of Small Chariot driven by Phaeton (two white horses) – chariot open without roof on FOUR wheels, – colliding with MANY metal cars on four wheels each – each driven by a child behind driver’s wheel (metal swastika or metal trizub of Shiva – destructive swastika counterclockwise or nuclear tri.dent – in turns) – symbolism of black-white tiger – nuclear winter and mechanical destruction by warfare of reversed black swastika…

when Saturn was making alignment from our Earth to Miranda – the original Earth’s split twin, – i saw black void of total darkness in the middle of DRY OCEAN with so many colourful PEARLS of Earths and Suns remembering themselves out of blackness… which now makes me think that conflict of Sumeria happened before i witnessed destruction of Middle Earth by “mechanical universe”… ¬†through Tibo (guardian of Allaq Akbar) and Marduk i remember that it were again the mechanical universe “creators” (stupid greedy couple who wanted their neighbor’s estate) – the scientists that invented the way to get it, – that divided Waters (by thermonuclear explosion) – drying all sweet waters of Marduk’s Father Apsu and making salty tears of Marduk’s Mother Tiamat into Heaven (Uranus) and Earth (Gaia)…


the “creator” of mechanical universe known to me is the woman responsible for original Big Bang of greater Central Spiritual Sun than Apsu and Taimat are even in a state of nuclear winter… perhaps these are the two “white horses” that were driven by Phaeton when created out of Tiamat’s tears Heaven and Earth were destroyed by the same woman – by the same mechanical universe “program”…



2012 flood in rishikesh

Argonath (1)




fluorite from India, Naashik

Ingl - god who protects the primordial Fire



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