MesoPotaMia: Unicorn and Drowned Earth

Mongols were not invader by themselves, but hired soldiers to conquer and enslave the neighbors for certain greedy Slavik “piece-of-land-owners” – several are famous especially Yuri Dolgoruki (founder of Moscow, whose city even now shows great aggression and greed to possess Ukraine for Kiev is the ancient Hui (same as Hawaiian for potluck) – great city of The Golden Gate upon 7 Hills founded to be a Hui of the best Slavik tribes had – it is a very curious sameness between ancient Slavik and Hawaiian word… i also remembered very curious fact about Kashmir – Pakistan-India border: Pakistani store owner in Ladakh who is from Kashmir border area told me that neighbor bombs a neighbor to get his property… Pakistan has 7 sacred rivers related to Seven Rishis of Great Chariot (Ursa Major)… remembering that Human Ancestors first escaped to Ursa major then fell to North Pole area of Earth during Great Assa catastrophe… remembering that stupid people created Big bang and destruction of so many Earths and Suns by thermonuclear and nuclear bombing… i have a memory of a scientist who wanted to discover what caused “McCloud effect” (evaporation of Lakes of Water around many Earths cloned from one) – it was a thermonuclear explosion in The Lake of ONE of the Earths located around Red (the original) Babylon (Monadic Sun destroyed to a state of Red rectangle turned into an experimental “structure” hung in the void with divided Earths around its perimeter)…
scientists of Maldek did the same…
and people in Pakistan do the same…
speaking of thermonuclear McCloud “effect” – McCloud is related to Mcpherson as Unicorn is related to drowned Earth… this also is reflected on Earth as Earth’s Root chakra (Mount Shasta)…
it is curious how Scottish names are directly related to Apsu, Tiamat, Marduk, Kingu and Babylon… destruction of Sweet and Salt waters… Unicorn and Drowned Earth… Laborer and God… Iron and Blood… but all of those catastrophes were created by scientists – not gods or “laborers” – from their Atomas, air, electricity, blood, light and waters…
reflection of ancient crimes and catastrophes is still active in the minds of modern people… in the places… so much hatred, violence and aggression is still on Earth – too kind to accept all Souls – too unconditionally loving to be safe…


The Goddard Space Flight Center’s lists 2,271 satellites currently in orbit. Russia has the most satellites currently in orbit, with 1,324 satellites, followed by the U.S. with 658

that’s about how many microchips i remember implanted into bodies of our family members… around 3000… how many dimensions are there now? 800 or more?


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