protection against Parvati

may Shiva the blue-throated one

he who is ensnared by Parvati noose-like glances

grant you prosperity

may Shiva’s sweat protect you

that water which is fresh from his embrace with Parvati

and that is Kama’s weapon against Shiva’s fiery third eye

the god of love conquers the world with his five arrows

and Shiva trembles at his command

when he is embraced by his beloved

i worship the god of love whose arrows pierce even Shiva

making him bristle as if with thorns

when he is in Parvati’s embrace

may Shiva’s head protect you

marked on it by Parvati’s nails

as she playfully pulls his hair

so that it appears to be studded with many moons

~Somadeva’s Kathasaritasagara, Kashmiri author, XI BC

page 52 from book “Parvati: Goddess of Love” By Harsha V. Dehejia








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