Hollow Earth

Earth is hollow at the Poles – McCloud (Unicorn Icecap on Mount Shasta – side of city McCloud, – is linked to McPherson – “drowned land” on the bottom of mount Shasta – this being ROOT Chakra of Earth – Shasta was named after Russian word “Schastie” that means “togetherness of all parts” – it is considered “Happiness” if translated from Russian into English according to official dictionaries) 

Pole Hollows make Earth MECHANICALLY into HelmHoltZ resonator  and electrically it is hereby a huge “Cavity Resonator


Helmholtz resonators by Rudolph Koenig. The top hole, or “nipple”‘, is placed in the ear, and air oscillates freely through the bottom hole (Father of Hamlet here is remembered)



HelmHoltZ resonator


A nanomechanical resonator scattering photons in a high-finesse Fabry–Perot cavity, resonantly coupled to a laser on its left-hand side (McCloud Nuclear Effect is remembered here as water evaporator – hydrogene explosion of “The Lake”) 

The principle for achieving cooling is the following: the nanomechanical resonator fluctuates under Brownian motion with a noise distribution peak at its lowest eigenfrequency f0. When placed in the mode of a high-finesse Fabry–Perot cavity at resonance with a laser of wavelength λ, it scatters the cavity photons, as depicted in figure 1. Because photons circulate several times back and forth in the cavity, they need a finite time τ to reach a new equilibrium after each scattering event. This induces a delay in their back-action on the motion of the resonator through radiation pressure or dipolar forces. Exploiting this retarded back-action, we show here that additional optically induced viscous damping is obtained, resulting in a net cooling of the nanoresonator vibrational fluctuations. Photons leaving the cavity carry away the excess energy.




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