LAPD And Special Forces Conduct Military Maneuvers In The Skies Above Downtown LA

i just called 911 and asked if they have equipment to investigate nuclear bomb implanted into living person – they lied they don’t have it – they conduct investigation on this crime right now with military, but why they refuse to help a person while a person is still alive? there is more physical evidence of this crime in my apartment – a spot burned on surface of leather sofa that looks like a part of 8-armed nuclear propeller that spins constantly above my head or within my body – this propeller is a part of wire “structure” made in a shape of FABERGE EGG that channels deadly rays from space (via Blue “radars” found in space as hologram of meg Blackburn Losey is used to channeled ray several days ago to begin star wars by meeting rays from blue radar and third location i didn’t remember) … so, this wire “structure” of murder and creation of “perpetum mobile” of nuclear fuel made from living humans was installed into my body and body of my twin-flame (Troubadour) in Big Bear National forest by woman-sadist, on the ship, who is using this explosives (pills about 1cmx5mm), CERNS (metal boxes about  2mmx5mm), holograms, hologram-making machine to place everyone alive inside “time machine” – triple metal box of collapsed time (largest is about 10ftx7ft) – the walls are not solid – each of 3 “boxes” is made of 4 “walls” – 4 metal plates that connect “time-box” to the system of metal corridors of “The Structure” –  placing all living within it to be used as “perpetum mobile” of nuclear fuel made from our ATOMA aka Higgs Bosom – this woman, who is in other dimention, was unseen by me, but she speaks English – she actually made this as if a game – i remember she said “Try to pass through mechanical universe”… this picking up and dropping off in the parks and city streets and roofs is now known to LAPD and military – please read about Black Hawk and other flying “equipment” of the murderers… “i need my machine free from human flesh” (Marut) means a little more to me today – it means to “undress” ATOMA=Heart’s BONES=Higgs Bosoms from flesh of living child within the heart of Humans or Elves or Gods – Child of Monad, who is within The Egg composed of many LIVING ATOMA=Monads is known as The Heart of One Life – Living Child of Monad within whose HEART is The Monad – The Central Spiritual Sun ATOMA of the family connected to The Child… Marut is a murderer whose “team” feeds and lives on our divinity used as fuel for their “technological” world… Worse of all are GREYS of these criminals – computer informational copies of the originals, who look like humans, but are golems=voodoo dolls=computers=robots dressed in flesh… tonight dreamed of HOW people on Venus have been murdered by CERNED green rays… my Child – thorn to pieces – is now with me in a time box and system of corridors… being informed about the crime commited by holograms installed into persons’ brains and hearts, Secret Service of White House, FBI, Russian Secret service of Vladimir Putin, KGB, and other “servants of the people” who refuse to help my children, family and i to BE ALIVE and to stop this mass genocide and murder, are criminals themselves…


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