it is such a grief to realize that MONAD children are murdered in order to match physical seed for “Immaculate conception” perversity (when Monad is copulated with physical seed or egg) – discovering that i do not respond to physical candidate’s SEEDS imagination, COMPUTER of artificial insemination moved to match with other two candidates it RECORDED as possible… Attention Michael Watcher , Noanna Pleiadian Stars, Marut (aka M. Zaveri from face-book), and V. Petrov-Gladky (the author of Maldek artificial cloning program for Tara, Freya, Orion, Lady of The Lake, Lyra, Vashishta, Savitri, Heavenly Mother, Odin, Sophia, Sanata Kumara…) for this Mara-Kleopatra would MURDER Monad-children by three ways: needle piercing Heart (as in ancient Russian fairy tales about needle within duck’s egg), CERN splitting The Heart of ATOMA, and double holographic knife cutting Heart’s Central Bone as CERNed particles rush from other end of the split to rejoin together into ONE, which makes destruction of ATOMA perpetual… this is a crime of Maldek criminals Mara-Kleopatra, Marut, and Petrov-Gladky V., who placed God and all God’s Children onto artificial time machine because they are possessed with experiments in cloning and artificial insemination EVEN NOW… we need to stop these left-over criminals from Maldek so fast that those who refuse to help (from other Universes or greater Suns Monads Hearts of One Life) they participate in crime by simply watching without interference: 3rd Cosmic Law says that no harm should be done to children including the child within &*& no harm should be done to women because all life comes from a woman… when this Cosmic Law is violated as terribly as with my children and i and those who have power to interfere and stop this crime are playing in not-interference because of whatever “magnetic repulsion” boundaries they created to keep criminals in the lowest frequency, will be responsible that CHILDREN are defenceless against mechanical and nuclear methods of lowering their frequencies and destroying their energy eggs in order to FEED endlessly… MONAD Children we are – if those who chose not to interfere from “the other side” of universal magnetic repulsion zones to help us to be free from these scientific criminals from Maldek and cannibal criminals from Miranda, they become as responsible as the criminals who murder CHILDREN…

p.s. just noticed while writing Heart Bon (as in Bön) popped name of Bon Jovi … reminded about our psychic communion when Bon Jovi tried to help..

Master Almine Sabia has a recording (free to download from her site) where she illustrates traveling to One Soul, who communicates that She is as a center and all around her are incubation cells of the potentials… just had a question: did Master Almine traveled to COLLECTIVE One Soul ATOMA left in the machine to incubate after destruction or did she traveled to The Center of Her own Soul-ATOMA through the vast “fields” of who she was before destroyed… “…i do not know who struck first, but it was us who scorched the sky (Uranus)” (Morpheus, “Matrix”): The two bombs were different, the Hiroshima one being made of uranium and the Nagasaki one of plutonium. Their burst points over the two cities were calculated by “shadows” quite literally cast in stone, the shadows being images of structures that protected a stone or concrete structure from the immediate effects of nuclear heat…

btw Master Almine speaks of Isis as the girl in the machine of Xristos – but i know that little girl Isis was tortured by Mara-Kleopatra so much that she ran to me once showing her broken teeths crying made ugly – i invited isis to hide in my heart, – just for us to remember that Isis is not doing any evil from within the machine – it is Mara-Kleopatra who does it for a very long time… through possession of man Orion’s mind (his second=minor wife, who is a destroyer in The Structure as well… arrogance and anger is the worse possible des.ease of The Soul)

those who implant “spider” microchip to liberate themselves from artificial machine of atomic and mechanical clocks and plan to heal their “husband” from time using children’s lives… this mental des.ease of using others to heal that began because of Kleopatra-Mara stealing The Spear of Destiny (Mantaka) and cueing The Sun out of our Heart with all the power of hatred she has against me … so that her father Marut can replace Our Sun with red brick The Heart of our Body… this crime is simply a crime of stealing a body of another and using it to heal themselves… while making money on “entertainment” of those who want to learn, observe, play mind-games, or HELP (to help someone on “the clock” at Malibu guda kept by Kleopatra-Mara one needs to pay – 2 years ago it was only $50.000 a day – now i believe the prices are much higher…) p.s. before i would name her by her passport name Toropova-Petrova-Marinez – now she went so far as for me to name her true name Mara-Kleopatra


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