IO and Zues=Maha Indra (aka Mahendra)

Io is the first Golden Mama Chicken known to me – she is Mother of Lady of The Lake, who is Mother to Swan Children – guardians of Xristos

(Lake is the desert of cosmos we have now, after all those “reproductive” labours… Io is cursed to recollect Her broken to star-dust children continuously (yesterday i saw how Io does it – collecting pieces of bones sliced by laser rays working via holograms from “the source” by enemy direction – some said it is Orion program, where original “downfall” of Khandaria Mahadeva and Xristos and Daviethai and Oriel-Atlas began))

Io (/ˈ./Ancient Greek: Ἰώ [iːɔ̌ː]) was, in Greek mythology, a priestess of Hera in Argos,[1] a nymph who was seduced by Zeus, who changed her into a heifer to escape detection. His wife Hera sent ever-watchful Argus Panoptes, with 100 eyes, to watch her, but Hermes was sent to distract the guardian and slay him. Heifer Io was loosed to roam the world, stung by a maddening gadfly sent by Hera, and wandered to Egypt, thus placing her descendant Belus in Egypt

Middle English hayfarehayfre, from Old English heahfore, hēahfre, compound of (1) *heag- (“mating”) (compare dialectal German HagenHegel (“breeding bull”), Middle Dutch haechdroese(“genitals”), Old English hagan (“id.”)), from Proto-Indo-European *ḱak- (“to be able, help”) (compare Sanskrit [script?] (śaknóti, “to be able”), Avestan [script?] (sak-, “to agree”)

so, the first ever “mating” (forced) known to me through Io is done by Mount Olympus=Meru “Lightning Ball” holder – Zeus, Indra, Maha Indra – Mahendra… his opposite is Marut – red if Mars of Jove – green if Maha Indra of Khandaria Mahadeva…



there are GREY informational copies of Maha Indra ATOMA, who are within many primates on Earth – main GREY informational copy (main computer controller of the system) is Mahendra Zaveri from India – my former face-book friend…

I had a dream in this life – i gave up all to heal Mothers from this per.version of artificial insemination – i never knew that Greys are so cruel as to refuse to murder LIVING CHILDREN in favour of recreating themselves only because they possess the equipment…


GREY primate Mahendra Zaveri from India (real essence of who he is, though appearing man)


Hatshepsut – reincarnation of IO (see above – her first “coming” to Egypt(=Mantaka, Orion Belt) with son Belus (as known from Greek Myths) – in Egypt he is known as Sufi or Khufu


(Giza=3 fallen “Maha Indras” of Orion Belt – stoned T-glands of Father, Mother and Son)

Belus (/ˈbləs/Greek: Βῆλος)  – a king … and father of Aegyptus (Egypt) and Danaus and (usually) brother to Agenor.[1] The wife of Belus has been named as Achiroe, or Side (eponym of the Phoenician city of Sidon)

Belus and Bel Marduk (=Golden Calf of The Sun=aka NebuChedNezZar who is “seated” within T-gland of Olympus-Meru as well as Zeus=Indra=Maha Indra)

Pausanias wrote:

“<Ruler> Manticlus founded the temple of Heracles for the Messenians; the temple of the god is outside the walls and he is called Heracles Manticlus, just as Ammon in Libya and Belus in Babylon are named, the latter from an Egyptian, Belus the son of Libya,  Ammon from the shepherd-founder.  Thus the exiled Messenians reached the end of their wanderings.”[3]

“…This supposed connection between Belus of Egypt and Zeus Belus (the god Marduk) is likely to be more learned speculation than genuine tradition…” ~ author of article 

“…Modern writers suppose a possible connection between Belus and one or another god who bore the common northwest Semitic title Ba‘al…” ~same author as above

Ba’aL IS perverted Belus (=Khandaria Mahadeva=Marduk=Xristos=NebuChedNezZar… ZAR is the root of Ba’aL – 3-headed spider with a crown on Man’s head… Zara is a dance – trance dance of drugged by very powerful narcotic woman – it is the most terrible trance-dance i ever saw… Zara is also the name of Venus…)

beginning of sexual perversion of Divine Mother: “… Habibi… Alia…”

ZAAR – the real trance dance as opposed to above pornographic entertainMENt:

compare to dance “take it all” from film “Nine”:



Io played by the actress in “Clash of the Titans”

notice metal clip holding her braid and cloth on the right shoulder – symbolic representation of CERNS that splits Io’s Heart’s muscles and Heart Bones into HAIR of triple braid… people say that dark matter is hair of Divine Mother for it is like tiny spider web that underlying all stars, suns, and earths – as if pearls and diamonds strung upon her hair



glitter pixie hair Disney World


if we can only stop rape and molestation of Mothers and Children and Man of first race known as Elves, – by the second race of primates known as men… then all of primates created by original GREYS would be themselves without delusion – they will live as long as their life is programmed to last and then ATOMAS will re.member freely… and it will stop informational copies within primates to control LIVING HUE.MANS and ELVES


Ancient custom “ladushki”



“Жену в монастырь, любовницу в боярскую думу, ладушки – ладушки…” (Иван Васильевич меняет профессию, фильм)





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