Re-education-through-labour for Flower Children

“…The “re-education-through-labor” system is a distinctive feature of communist countries, and in particular, China’s re-education system is one of the most evil and despicable, as China’s human rights abuse is second to none in the world. It has been in place for nearly 50 years. According to official statistics, more than 3.5 million people have undergone this kind of re-education in labor camps after the system was first adopted in 1957, but the actual number would be much higher….” i believe ACTIVE Tibetan GENOCIDE began in 1957 following with Dalai Lama exile (1958 or 1959?) – funniest thing Chinese government calls this genocide “cultural assimilation”… see link for the ways of CULTURAL assimilation

similar “tools” to “re-education-through-labor” system is used by Toropova-Kleopatra at Malibu “guda” (located underneath The Sunset restaurant, Malibu, Point Dume) – her re-educational-through-labor methods are rather chinese than German, even though those people consider themselves Germans (have these VolksWagen-meetings called after The Hall of Freya)… it is known to be KNOWN to most that Flower Children, especially Venusian Flower Children are lazy and never do anything… well, re-education-through-labor system for Sanata Kumara by Toropova-Kleopatra was as follows: with help of magnet drawn down underground to mechanical clock located underneath The Sunset restaurant (main re-educational to labour DE.vice) – after flipping HEART with all the children out and passing The Heart through and between two huge wooden teethed wheels until The Heart is totally out resembling huge bag-of-a-phallus – Heart’s Child is done the same to – until the Heart of The Child resembles a phallus drawn through whatever hole they manage to make in sex-less bodies of Flower Children… then re-educational-labor system of Toropova-Kleopatra moves on to use chinese silver nail guards sharpened to a point at the ends – 10 of them these fingerguards have very specific ornament on them – coiling vines of triple curls that occur in split ATOMA… but this re-education-through-labour-system doesn’t stop here – true labour for Flower Children is to be studs and chicken egg-producing factory… yesternight saw finally what Toropova-Kleopatra wanted from Sanata Kumara: she wanted a child – a girl – she wanted his Heart’s Atoma (one of many Monads) to copulate with her Egg to produce new beautiful body for Kleopatra – usual and very experienced artificial insemination worker is husband of Kleopatra – Petrov (aka Petrov-Gladky Viatcheslav, who also works at Malibu guda Volkswagen “club” – his experience with artificial insemination is as extencive as production of the clones of TARA – his experiment on MU (Andromeda) – him torturing Tara caused her downfall into our Sun and damaged Andromeda Galaxy a lot, even through Andromeda is one of the few Soul Stars who are still having HEART, though depleted constantly by CERN (so-called creation of new stars)… just to imagine that all of our Cosmic catastrophies are caused by desire to “sire” or to force “sire” to father a child in a woman/primate chosen by Petrov – this is called Immaculate Conception…

p.s. with torturer artificial insemination is possible only by INFORMATIONAL COPY of ATOMA staying to “produce” a “child” – copy of ATOMA is created by the computer while ATOMA is still within Heart Bone – metal round copying DEvice is placed around until copy is complete… “child” is called GREY because of informational copy ATOMA copulating with primate’s egg… this is the original and true artificial insemination as opposed to artificial insemination used for primates… all people who use artificial insemination here on Earth are considered primates…







just to remember that FREE ATOMA is free – only Informational COPY of ATOMA can be forced to stay within primates, especially within primates as Toropova-Kleopatra – some times ATOMA stays if woman is good Soul…

p.s. imagine artificially produced by “immaculate conception” daughter to have ATOMA of Sanata Kumara, but sadistic cruelty of cannibal-vampire Kleopatra… nice “mix” Petrov-Gladky! Hope that TARA clones with your Toropova-Kleopatra WILL soon love me more than their “father”…


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