“Sounds” of Earth

the most harmful object ever sent into space – it should be KNOWN there is no accident that these “ships” are called Voyager I and Voyager II (to contradict LIFE and HEALING of Humanity as described in Voyagers and Voyagers II by Ashayana Deane) look at artificial time-code – look at CERN code – look at Monad encircled by Pleiadian scissor pattern with a CAR making it… and other “sounds of Earth” recorded on this tool…
The Voyager spacecrafts are not heading towards any particular star, but Voyager 1 will be within 1.6 light-years of the star Gliese 445, currently in the constellation Camelopardalis (Maya know this as leaopard who jumps in faith and literal meaning is camel+leopard=downfall of Human Monad as Cat given to Epinoia Sophia), in about 40,000 years
constellation seems to be in between Cepheus and Cassiopeia instead of their chained to the rock daughter Andromeda…


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