Des.Ease of narcissus and Echo

This is a portrait of a Rock (mentioned in Bible as the most terrible rock out of 10 – Evil that sits upon The Throne – sitting upon the throne is being emptied this Rock is a MIND – Idea Fix of the emptied one – Michael=”are you equal to God?” – there is a woman in a “game center” who took the knife of Archangel Michael and she murders because she AKTS the epinoia=idea fix that only one shal pass… then who is the Rock who sits upon the throne? i’m attached to SHADOW aspect of Archangel Michael from the beginning, but even he wants to help – even his knife-bearer gave up cutting… but then who is this narcissist – who is “the rock”=the narcissistic des.ease of EGO=tartar-mongolian igo=murder and enslavement by hired murderers? Petrov(from coat of arms)=metal suit with three ostrich feathers on his metal helmet=one who always hides his head in the sand… narcissist is not to be mistaken with diagnosis of schizophrenia because often people are considered schizophrenic because they cannot COPE with either past life memories or genius within them – their mind is too weak…)
Here is a portrait of the one who is “the system” – Narcissus and his Echo…
Most narcissists enjoy an irrational and brief burst of relief after having suffered emotionally (“narcissistic injury”) or after having sustained a loss. It is a sense of freedom, which comes with being unshackled. Having lost everything, the narcissist often feels that he has found himself, that he has been re-born, that he has been charged with natal energy, able to take on new challenges and to explore new territories. This elation is so addictive, that the narcissist often seeks pain, humiliation, punishment, scorn, and contempt – as long as they are public and involve the attention of peers and superiors. Being punished accords with the tormenting inner voices of the narcissist which keep telling him that he is bad, corrupt, and worthy of penalty.

This is the masochistic streak in the narcissist. But the narcissist is also a sadist – albeit an unusual one.

The narcissist inflicts pain and abuse on others. He devalues Sources of Supply, callously and off-handedly abandons them, and discards people, places, partnerships, and friendships unhesitatingly. Some narcissists – though by no means the majority – actually ENJOY abusing, taunting, tormenting, and freakishly controlling others (“gaslighting”). But most of them do these things absentmindedly, automatically, and, often, even without good reason.

What is unusual about the narcissist’s sadistic behaviours – premeditated acts of tormenting others while enjoying their anguished reactions – is that they are goal orientated. “Pure” sadists have no goal in mind except the pursuit of pleasure – pain as an art form (remember the Marquis de Sade?). The narcissist, on the other hand, haunts and hunts his victims for a reason – he wants them to reflect his inner state. It is all part of a mechanism called “Projective Identification”.



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