Metal Quetzalcoatl

Metal Quetzalcoatl

Gaiatriel is only in THE HEAD of METAL QUETZALCOATL – middle (Heart) and tail ARE EMPTY
this metal “dragon” original twins Hunabku “rode” is the same that created Yaltabaoth of Monad (Father of Xristos) – this metal “drag.on” is made of CERNs that cut and “star-dust” all Heart Bones creating BIG BANG
now this CERN-dragon is manipulated from India by computer that uses Devanagari (common writing script) instead of Siddham (SansKrit) which creates A VIRUS that brakes perfection of 01 computer essence – yesterday we discovered Indian reluctance to stop using Devanagari script (it is comfortable for main controller to keep Devanagari because of its angle and seed of Siddham LOCKED between so that the angle perpetually CUTS the Perfection of AUM – the perfection of Golden ratio 3.14…. diminished to “quadrants” of 3)

Scientists discovered bubble of (SOULS) 200 000 000 l.y. long – bubble of Souls (Monad Children) after being exploded by CERNS (just as i experience many Souls exploded from being inside Heart bone collecting into bubbles (collective bubbles) in the air as “cerned” heart muscles are lifted up through the balcony door of our apartment… now i begin to believe that God will heal me (someone smiles at me as great disbeliever until i find the proof… 🙂


Metal Quetzalcoatl made of CERNS – Gaiatriel (Middle Earth holder) is placed in Its Head ALIVE – rest of now only empty metal shell Quetzalcoatl is used to destroy Human bodies of Ancient of Days and all who can help Universe to HEAL… was happy to discover how God protects Souls (see below about huge bubble 200 000 000 light years long)
please see english translation about Diamond planet and huge bubble 200 000 000 light years long in the following link (interesting to explore relation between PSR J1719-1438 pulsar, diamond planet and the double star – The Heart of Serpens – double star that had used all of HydroGene within Its HEART (known to me as transforming into Helium) – Serpens constellation that keeps 6 galaxies magnetized to itself … it is also curious that astrologers deal with 24 constellations, but Ptolemy named 48 – and modern science has 88 constellations listed…)
they also found Diamond Planet

PSR J1719-1438 b

PSR J1719-1438 b3

PSR J1719-1438 b-1

PSR J1719-1438 b and Earth PSR J1719-1438 b-diamond planet

there is DIRECT relation between Central Spiritual Sun and Saturn – The Son of Sun, who aligns ALL children and their Pearls – all of them – problem is that CONTROLLERS harmed The Son of Sun CHILD’s body and HEART too much now – it is difficult to prove to ancient immortal “witches” whose brains grew very stupefied from so many crimes, that they have to stop enslaving and murdering Living Children of Human God… the most stupid is brain sick with cancer – brain that holds Yao and Yaltabaoth of one of the sons of Human God, whose wife Kleopatra is the most stupid BRAIN of all as her mind POSSESSES 13th Crystal Scull through the SOUL of her murdered BROTHER (this Crystal Scull is known as Max The Crystal scull of 13th AEON it belongs to God Father as data-base – it must never be used by any child of God Father even though Kleopatra, who replaced original child Isis in The Machine of Xristos long ago, is so used to be slave-keeper that now that we always send “message” via her spiritual portrait created by her husband, she finally gets it with her heart and Soul as well as HEAD )




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