there was a man, who betrayed his companion by choosing another woman, – and they sent betrayed companion to stay with children… and herself and all her children have been murdered by another male, who was seeking her companionship…

and the murderers and the rapist and the traitors were punished by God:

treacherous companion was to wear brown military leather jacket

and a treacherous woman – second companion, – was to wear head-helmet made from metal gold five-pointed stars – for all the children her desire murdered

and a man, who was seeking companionship of abandoned mother with children was turned into a primate – and his own companion who helped him because they wanted to use light, blood, spirit, souls and body organs to rejuvenate himself (lost and emptied by his own companion’s lust and unstoppable thinking), – and his companion was turned into Lemurian primate – the first lemur with woman’s head – and she was made to lick her man-turned-primate sexual organ and watch all the “phalluses” of thorn out Monadic Hearts of children her desire to re-make her man in spirit of lost Monad made to fall-us…


brown military pilot jacket of Kurt Karl – pilot from Orion – each zipper unzips the hearts of my children and my family members or closes our murdered children into coroner’s bags…Image

Selina Sitara (well known from Voyager II by Ashayana Dianne history review as the original tempress of Merlin, who and which destroyed Arthur’s kingdom and magical Avalon…)

but why does betrayed Lady should suffer the punishment of the traitors, murderers and rapists with my children in this life-time again? but because the punished ones are “washing” their sins through the blood of the innocents they harmed to begin with… and who makes it to come to pass again if the punished ones didn’t want to repeat past mistakes or harm Lady they’ve harmed again? but maybe they grew so comfortable to live using the living Monad children of The Lady?

the name of a woman turned into a lemur with woman’s head is Kleopatra – daughter of North wind – goddess of winter… nuclear winter…



and the name of the original author of experiment called “conflict” is Marut – this life-time calling himself Mahendra Zaveri only because the child he abused is Maha Indra – this orangutan-primate is just an information copy of the man he used to be – red mid.jidImage

and Ansuz (aka Odin) is even now tortured by all the primates father and daughter became and all made… turning our Earth into “Planet of the apes”… destroying Lady Liberty and her true Companion and my child Ansuz and all my children… again and again and again…


and i hope my child Ansuz will finally destroy orangutan primate who is still controlling the system of primates by scientific “means”


Myths of psychiatry such as those described above are not isolated examples of poor practice or lack of knowledge, but are the unavoidable manifestations of an artificial paradigm which is arbitrarily derived from unproven assumptions, justified by inappropriate logic. (from article “Massacre of the Unicorns”)


and what is the Spiritual punishment for artificial paradigms of assuming to know someone? to massacre Unicorns – the purest of The Spirit there are – turned horses only because all primates ride us with an iron chain and spirs?

some say – it is living half-life of the parasite

  • In Legend, unicorns are treated as ethereal beings so holy it would upset the order of the universe for a mortal to touch one. Killing the last two unicorns that guard the power of light would allow the demon lord to roam the world freely in darkness. Also, the Big Bad shows just how evil he is by ordering a unicorn’s horn to be cut off, which causes the world to freeze over.
  • http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/UnicornsAreSacred

original Selina Sitara is a very dangerous (pri)mate to all (beginning with Merlin) ~Voyagers II, Ashayana Deane


but why should the cursed ones – all who drank our blood so many life-times – why should they be parasites on our backs even now? why not on the backs of their own primates? but perhaps because they are darklings, who desire to feed upon Pro.meta.us even now – red sparks of light within darkness they are – left-over of evil they created, they re.create evil darkness by desiring to have what they must refuse to be liberated from the curse…

“there is a deep cry of The Soul of The Earth” – just now said a man on the radio KPFK90.7- AUTHOR OF BOOK “DARKENING OF THE LIGHT”

“we should help The Earth – not only recycle” ~ Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee



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