there are muti and voodoo black “medicine woman” (shamans), who are with one very evil black magician:

01 – microchip with “spider” program to pierce our Family bodies (especially Heart Children) to “string” onto mechanical gestalt “game” – to murder us mostly – to leave alive only comfortable ones for the system=adults and their brains – program that weaves and pierces with metal wire braking all that is alive within our hearts – how to stop it except those who installed it stop it themselves since it is their “control” microchip intended to control even Allaq Akbara

one – sadist over architect and daviethai – metal psychiatric asylum/torture prison

second (already removed) – russian “suka”=evil woman – mind of former prostitute locked in mechanical universe by her husband Petrov (original emptied by her from his black box – our black box – he calls her “duma”) – she became a function creating black holes and universe of light from living children – goal of this one was to hate Heart of One Life – hate all who love LOVE – and to murder to send light back to Central Spiritual Sun as light – whatever way murdered tortured divided children can get home…

third – Soul from Bluff Lake – seen in Sandy (local Big Bear girl) and Leann – tourist

forth – jewish woman with the van from Malibu guda

fifth – Kleopatra

sixth – Melissa from apt.11

seventh – “my libich” from clock tower

eighth – woman with a whip from Orion circus

ninth – black clone of Tara by Petrov-Devil (aka original Toropova – made from Tara after he tortured her on Mu causing the fall of both, Tara and Andromeda… Tara Soul passed in me several days ago saying about this limit of torture… and yet this life-time he didn’t stop…)

tenth – white clone of Andromeda by Petrov-Devil (aka Merope)

eleventh – the empress Wu (lover to string living ones upon her musical instrument) – Golden chinese clone of Tara

twelfth – Mirabai Devi


thirteenth – Lemurian primate

fourteenth – Egyptian whore-cannibal

fifteenth – woman on hills, who creates and rules over radio dimentions

sixteenth – russian, who tortured and raped me in Kiev – perhaps the owner-mind of restaurant chain and mechanic universe – very sadistic

seventeenth – Makara, who kidnapped my Heart and child

eighteenth – Maria Celeste Garcia as holographic data-base and clone of the same Soul she told me to be an angel (painted by Petrov-Gladky was an angel among other angels, who live in the pit  – perhaps angelic is The Soul of Kleopatra as MCG says – she knows P-G well…)


Lemurian primate




Mirabai Devi

and they share the Soul tortured to blindness and anger by making her a prostitute – by her own father…

all women are one Soul… expressed differently depending on their mind development… who knows how many more there are expressing this darkest and most hate-filled Soul i had ever experienced…

and one evil black man is black Vashishta, who is lacking rice grain match to all rice-grainless clones of Tara – seedless are the clones

and black Vashishta is a son of Ethiopian Queen, who is Petrov-Perov Soul – mother of the mechanical universe and all clones as her spirit Petrov is the original black magician who made Death Vader from Joe Dae NABU (MY BROTHER)

and if all these “mechanical universe” minds are calling themselves code-word “holographic gestalt”, then they are absolutely in need of KNOWING the meaning of gestalt – word that was invented for God as unknowable whole as well as psychotherapy that heals the opposite:

gestalt therapy has its origin in ZEN Buddhism

Zen + Listening to The Heart = why, holographic nazies are acting from brain only

Humanistic and existential in origins: the objective of Gestalt therapy is to enable people to live a flexible and creative life free from  patterns of ‘fixed’ behaviour that can reduce self growth and a sense of  satisfaction in their lives. Gestalt therapy also encourages self responsibility through increasing self awareness in relation to these fixed patterns, and includes a persons body mind spirit and culture.


Having origins in Zen Buddhism, Gestalt therapy teaches the importance of being present in the here and now. Through this process  self-awareness emerges


Gestalt therapy focuses on process (what is actually happening) rather than content (what is being talked about). The emphasis is on what is being done, thought, and felt at the present moment, rather than on what was, might be, could be, or should have been.


It is only possible to know our selves in relationship to the other. Gestalt therapy includes the authentic presence of the therapist creating conditions for dialogue, or healing through relationship supporting the notion that  the most helpful focus of psychotherapy is the experiential present moment.

The WHAT & HOW of the I & THOU in the HERE & NOW – if there is anti-gestalt process – what’s being done is contrary to gestalt, then two-leggeds are in need of psychiatrist – including computer people, who write murder-programs for others to be not only murdered in Body, but in Soul, Spirit, Light, and AER


here is what Holo-gestalt “mentality” of the mind as a computer is:

The Holo-gestalt Paradigm

Theory of the leveraging of mentality held within all elementals of physical existence that pervades all the universe/s known and unknown, which means that all is wide open and readily available to the cursor of mentality. Holo means that there is a holographic representation and method to discerning in total the means of projecting a realm into existence via the elements and principles of Deity. Gestalt references the aspect of the All of mentality, which permeates all known parts of being here in Time/Space. A paradigm is a system in which some elementals can function in some order and fashion which gives said system an identity. Thus a Holo-gestalt Paradigm is used herein as a means of discerning self-knowledge of selfhood and its participants in what we discern as Life. This life then can be identified as a holographic means of creating the totality of existence in a realm that knows its parts and can feedback over these parts to the degree that all connected (direct or indirect) participants know the degree of interface for all elementals held in this massively expansive yet minuscule environ that supports being and becoming of mind along with the generation of information to be used in support of existence.


even this cold mind doesn’t speak of destruction, but of existance and Life and leveraging of mentality held within all elementals of physical existence – the means of projecting a realm into existence via the elements and principles of Diety = ATOMA and MONAD and NUCLEUS and INVISIBLE ONE as WILL and AEROS (whether in completely smallest invisible “no-thing-no-body” of WILL and LOVE=MONAD or invisible but felt as if overwhelming HUGE “no-thing-no-body” of WILL and LOVE=MONAD – the tiniest dot is larger than the smallest Monad – the most large is not large enough to be larger than Monad)

these nazies, who use false “black sun” mask and false holographic “gestalt” interpretations are absolutely anti-black sun and anti-holo-gestalt paradigm on a level of 01-mentality (even as little as i understand 01-mentality of computers, where 0=1 – problem of all computer programmers is that they don’t use Siddham version of Sanskrit (perfect 01-language) but they use other languages (8 to 16 values instead of perfect 01), which are imperfect enough for program creation as much as to create a damage and a virus to perfect 01-ness of the computer)


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