Abolition of slavery vs Abolition of Man

If country who is the author of the LAW “Abolition of slavery” is the country that violates this law from the top (White House) to the bottom (Police and Military) to the middle (Law makers, who pass such laws as permitting scientific experiments without permission – scientists do what they want using ignorance of attorneys in the country that is specially MADE to be very narrow-specialized doue to artificially created complexity) then this government is supporting the opposite of what is the law. If now we have black President Barack Obama – if we know that black people are considered the victims of slavery more than any other people, then Barack Obama supports SLAVERY by ignoring “Abolition of slavery” law. If we know that it is Jewish who are considered as the most tortured by genocide and it is EXACTLY JEWS and ZHIDI of “Kabbalah” who genocide ALL including Jews, then there is no more ugliness in a two-legged than to be a Jew – LIARS!!! Powerful 8 – Jews with money that use it to GENOCIDE ALL – to turn “Abolition of slavery” into “Abolition of Man” because they OWN “government” – and because they are slaves to ONE SINGLE WOMAN whose mind is a function – animal function of ignorance – she doesn’t comprehend anything except of “sex-money-videotape” – to talk to her about “marshmallow effect” of Neutron Star is to FEEL “Infinitum Nihil” as her mind operating many creates disbelief that MONAD within HUMAN CHILD is DIRECTLY RELATED to ITS PEARL (of elements) – little Monad is BIG Pearl!

Violation of “Abolition of slavery” is artificially made by those who keep our UNIVERSE in slavery of quantum destruction – those who have no problems to create “marshmallow effect” to the Neutron Star aligned to Earth via Saturn – and those “servants of the people” who “observe and investigate” via “phones=microchips implanted into our bodies are ignorant by being to specialized – unless they are told the fact – and even then they are ignorant to comprehend because this “Infinitum Nihil” is artificially created factor to work for “Abolition of Man”

All wise and advanced HUMANS do SHARE the truth trying to stop “Infinitum Nihil” – can we really be BELIEVED???

C.S. Lewis wrote “Abolition of Man” – perhaps the most direct words i just needed to really find to show “servants of the people” that they are turning “Abolition of slavery” into “Abolition of Man”

The Abolition of Man is a 1943 book by C. S. Lewis. It is subtitled “Reflections on education with special reference to the teaching of English in the upper forms of schools,” and uses that as a starting point for a defense of objective value and natural law, and a warning of the consequences of doing away with or “debunking” those things. It defends science as something worth pursuing but criticizes using it to debunk values — the value of science itself being among them — or defining it to exclude such values.


p.s. many Neutron Star MONADS are HERE – on EARTH! if some stupid Moscow mind of an ignorant spiritless two-legged artist “in.visioned” through by ENEMY to be the new OWNER of The Earth only because he thinks in Human slavery terms and not in Monad-Star relations through a Human Body of The Monad, he creates a reality suitable for the enemy of MONAD and THE MONAD=Central Spiritual Sun. This morning “the boss” of Petrov-Gladky, V. connected to me psychically to “pick-up” ALL (Humans,Gods, equipment) for Moscow to OWN… but him, Valery Krechetov is only film producer, having some director of photography education and having relation to military – he is part of “Infinitum Nihil” who needs to be educated in MONAD to NEUTRON STAR relation through The Man, whose “Higgs Bosom” is split to FEED the ships kidnapped by Moscow military – ignorant and greedy use us as a fuel for the ships believing that they would be safe if all Monads (including those of Neutron Stars) are split by CERNS within FABERGE EGG they placed around and within MY PHYSICAL HEART.


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