“Pleiades are Freya’s chickens, who lay Golden Eggs” ~ Freya

before Big Bang and deserts of star dust, before Pleiades murdered their Mama Freya and were made Zeta, eggs had no porcelienated shell, no “plastic” bag – only Gold Pearl of The Child and transparently-golden “lake” around the Golden One…

Nowadays, when one says “chicken incubator” one apparently means that there is no chicken attached to her eggs… i was shocked – i was about to complain about incubators as torture facilities for chickens, where eggs are taken from under chickens perpetually to make them into perpetuum mobile of a mother without father to perpetually lay unfertilized eggs as a curse of those, who were Beautiful Maidens ones but became chickens ever laying eggs that are constantly taken away from them to pay for being 7 Pleiades who murdered their Mother by making too much love to the gods… until they were tricked and made love to a very wrong one – a duck with a needle within his heart… and his needle pierced the Heart of Mama Freya… and her beautiful 7 daughters were made grey… so they became perpetual greys – people call them Zeta Reticula


and because the needle that was inside duck’s egg pierced The Heart of Freya – guardian of The HEART of Yggdrasil (EggdRasEl), – it pierced the Hearts of all… Ever since then Freya was as if mama Chicken – collecting tiresly her broken to stardust children – seed by seed be seed to re.member all the murdered Flower children from the pieces and their seeds she collected and placed with flowers and special ingridients only Freya knows into specially made for this purpose eggs until children healed, but one German woman (as in “germ” & “germination”) would destroy the children again and again and again… for she is “german” woman… it is her nature to make all and herself germinate perpetually… and she owns Clock Tower and she owns Orion circus that des.troy healed ones to the seeds and stardust again…

…and the snake women would come with their wandering jew-gypsy king and feed on Freya and the children again and again and again and again … only because her daughters Pleiades turned Zetas by moving to and fro until whirling in a perpetual dance as snake women – my former friend Selina Sitara once said “two sisters dancing like DNA entwined” …



and the poison would return again and again and again as alcoholics took to Soma addiction too much… and so they would fric(tion) SheSha again and again and again until Vasuki & Manasa Naga art a.gain ~ whirling dizzily in caleidoscope of perpetually renewed and grinded egg shells made of very fine glass squares – each square with an expression of a child who used to be alive but invisible within – made from within without visible but “alive” only in the egg shell of fragile glass squares so that those who love to watch and whirl see from all sides of a grain who The Child was…

It is the curse of all who watch and are reviewers of LIFE by the ways of murdering LIFE turning LIFE into egg-shells that brake into star-dust… some one said that reptilians don’t have memories of past lives, so they love to watch LIVING ONES to remember… problem is that unless they tear Child’s HEART inside out, they cannot unroll Heart’s purse membrane, which is the living reflection of LIFE of The Child within…

and so the egg shells were/are invented by Zeta reptilian librarians with a looking glass to grind it into caleidoscope that amuses with so many combinations of colorful ornaments…

1. the 6th (sixth) letter of the Greek alphabet ( Ζζ ), transliterated as ‘z.’
2. a concept, heretics refer to it as a “function”, in mathematics. the meaning of life and the universe and all. zeta will show the limits of the hum… (urban dictionary)
2a. Apollinaris Sidonius, the Christian writer of the 6th century, called the Pleiada, the Septuagint’s rendering of the Hebrew ‘Ash, is manifestly…” was there only one Pleiada then split into seven? 
2b. John LEMPRIERE (D.D.)

– 1806

 a formed a conStellation called Pleiada, 11 few moments to the comic musu. 

and Pleiada is known to ride the bull of zodiac… Pleiada = AETHRA  – one of the Okaenids, – together with Atlas given 7 (seven) Pleiadas = Virgilex… and names were Alkyone, Merope, Maia, Elektra, Taigeta, Sterope, and Celeno… and 2nd of 7 is known to be a companion of Human always rolling rock upheel – Sisyphus of Corinth… and some name Pleiada Endora as the daughter of AETHRA & ATLAS…
(perhaps there is one Pleiada=Okaenida – one who rides a bull is always known as EUrope – kidnapped by bull, – perhaps restraining wildness of bull EUrope changes to MErope as the bull be.comes Sisyphus of Corinth rollng rock of fallen and burned AETHRA up the saddle hill of bull’s? now this is sounding as story of the burning of the Middle Earth and Sky – by whirling Atlas round Virgilex artificial time-machine grinds to the ashes both – Khandaria Mahadeva and his Uma – leaving him as thin as grey “smoke-ashes” Shiva… and /\ arrogance of Meru-MahaIndra – dara of MaHen, – bears Parvati… and it is known papa bear in heat looks for his mama bear so carelessly as to be able to…. mmmmmmmm… be clumsy so as to… mmmmm… be able to “bear down” all their children…
2c. Thomas Dick – 1854 – ‎Religion and science

 the fixed stars, is about 324 times that of an average star of the sixth magnitude. “Canst thou bind the sweet influences of Pleiada“ ——-or the seven stat-s,—“ or pourrth them out upon the face of the earth; the Lord of Hosts is his name.

3. Zeta – baby girl name.

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Greek Meaning: 
The name Zeta is a Greek baby name. In Greek the meaning of the name Zeta is: Born last.

SoulUrge Number: 6People with this name have a deep inner desire for a stable, loving family or community, and a need to work with others and to be appreciated.Expression Number: 7

People with this name are excellent at analyzing, understanding, and learning. They tend to be mystics, philosophers, scholars, and teachers. Because they live so much in the mind, they tend to be quiet and introspective, and are usually introverts. When presented with issues, they will see the larger picture. Their solitary thoughtfulness and analysis of people and world events may make them seem aloof, and sometimes even melancholy.

and she cuts and she cuts and she cuts and she cuts and she cuts and she cuts and she cuts my children’s hearts red threads of LIFE SoleAmen and SheBa were able to find each other by… how will my childrens’ destroyed half would re.member and find its stolen half???

tell me Zeta of the scissors

tell me Zeta of the knife

tell me Zeta of reflection

ever looking through the glass

tell me Zeta of the whirling of your ever mind-full mind

~my Child Cheburashka-Solnishko-Mishka-Malish-Malishka-Chelovek




  1. Faberge Metal Mesh upon The Egg Yolk of A Child was invented for 2 gays who didn’t have Nymphs or Muses to AEros… only Iron Lady…
    “your HEART is higher up” ~ Veronica Franco (spoken now to well-known to many of my friends one lemurian-german woman-sadist, who makes gods and men gay molesters of their own children)
    notice blood spot of a symbolic wound in Veronica’s Heart:


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